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Shanghai World Expo era strengthened cultural and creative industry developmen
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How to deal with the Expo may occur after the end of the new situation and new problems, take advantage of the positive effects of the Expo, as far as possible a range of possible adverse effects of urban development, Shanghai has become an important issue can not be avoided. Democratic National Construction Association members, Associate Professor of Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade Chen Guanlan that, to develop cultural and creative industries are the only way, it has both history and reality of the conditions and basis of the Shanghai economic transformation and sustainable development, enhancing GDP and an ideal way to soft power . First, the development of cultural and creative industries can boost function in Shanghai urban and industrial structure adjustment Shanghai GDP in 2009 nearly 1.5 trillion yuan, more than Hong Kong's economic scale, the per capita GDP has reached $ 11,000, the proportion of tertiary industry and practitioners in both the proportion of close to 60%, marking the beginning of this economy into the service economy. Although the service sector continued rapid growth of Shanghai, but play an important supporting role in the stock market and real estate market, the relative financial, information, shipping and other high-end modern service industry development and cultural and creative industries are lagging behind. Shanghai's "Shanghai Service Development Plan 2009-2012," made three years after the value added services to more than one trillion Shanghai, services and strive to achieve an average annual growth rate of 12%, this goal if achieved, will push forward the Shanghai industrial upgrading. Shanghai from the reform and opening up a national industrial base for the successful transformation of an open, international, full-featured city services, but, after three decades of rapid growth, a variety of structural and deep-rooted contradictions increasingly prominent, serious challenges facing the traditional mode of growth, Shanghai is facing energy, land, environment, development bottlenecks, housing prices, high prices, but also hindered the entry of personnel required for new industries, a large number of plants move into the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai is bound to have impact . New energy strategy, low-carbon economy, green economy, energy conservation, economic development ... ... the direction, we are familiar, has swept the world, is the world's industrial transformation and upgrading in finding a valid path. Many industries, such as traditional manufacturing, leaving Shanghai, still developing, and even develop better, then it may not be a new round of economic restructuring Shanghai objects, only those who can not be separated in Shanghai, must use a variety of resources and the environment in Shanghai to survival and development, and development of more good, is welcomed by the industry the next Shanghai. Undoubtedly, cultural and creative industries is such that it is not just a part of the tertiary industry, or even the future of Shanghai in China and the world in the competitiveness and positioning of key city functions. To the author of view, the scope of this industry are: 1, creative design categories, including advertising, architecture, urban planning, arts and crafts design and various other mental value of the products contained high; 2, art classes, including music , drama, art, stage performances, sports events and a variety of large-scale art events; 3, media type, publishing, television and radio, movies, newspapers, magazines, Internet and other new media and the extension products; 4, related service industries such as entertainment, exhibition, creative tourism, conferences and other forums. Not only the overall size to go up, should also influence the formation of a number of larger brands. 2010 Shanghai was awarded the "design" the title of a UNESCO "creative city network" in the first 7 to design the theme of creative cities. "Design" is Shanghai, a new model of urban development, but also a cultural city of Shanghai new brand, it can gather more design for the Shanghai creative resources, create a cultural brand with Shanghai characteristics, it is a good use and development of this title. Second, the follow-up effect of the Expo will promote the development of cultural and creative industries This is to increase the development of cultural and creative industries Shanghai favorable conditions. From international experience, every successful staging of the Expo are to promote the host country, especially the host city and the cultural and creative industry-related industries. Such as Tokyo, Paris, for example. In one example, the World Association of Applied Technology Graphics (ACM SIGGRAPH) is the world's largest interactive computer graphics and Technology Association, the Association has with the National Animation Game Industry (Shanghai) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Shanghai the first Asian office. "Avatar," the special effects to rely on its advanced CG technology, professional membership, including "Avatar" virtual visual director, "Kung Fu Panda" and other visual arts director. This move, apparently by the World Expo, Shanghai animation games and to enhance the level of cultural industries, convergence has created an important opportunity for the world. Third, the Disney project can stimulate the development of cultural and creative industries Shanghai Disney will be located in Shanghai, it seems a foregone conclusion. Shanghai intends to fight with Disney to create the core of the service center of tourism, in addition, the Shanghai Disneyland more than 500 billion yuan to be invested, it will not only boost the Shanghai local tourism, real estate, and the Yangtze River Delta and East China will be radiation region's tourism industry. As a key factor in Disney World Expo in Shanghai after the age of one economic trump card. According to expert estimates, to more than 7,000 people visited during the Expo Expo calculation, income from tourist spending 190 billion in 2007 to grow to 270 billion in 2010 size. Shanghai tourism industry accounts for the proportion of GDP increase from 7.15% to 8.23%. And we concluded that the future Shanghai Disneyland to attract visitors each year a conservative estimate will reach 10 million or more, impact will be greater than the Expo. Disney project will also travel to Shanghai hotel, retail and transportation industry to bring enormous business opportunities for the A shares may also bring the capital market, real estate, entertainment, publishing and printing, media networks, toy manufacturing, franchising, advertising, , business, and many other investments. With Disney, Shanghai can promote the development of related industries, to help Shanghai to continue to attract tourists from all over the eyes of the world. Disney's unique business model that media networks, theme parks, consumer goods, entertainment and related patterns in the four sections of the multiplier, the media has been regarded as the classic case. Shanghai Disney projects around the advertising, architecture, art, craft, design, images, music, television and broadcasting, culture and publishing a large number of cultural and creative industries, will become the new industry after the Expo to get considerable attention and development. Fourth, foster development of cultural and creative industry professionals Shanghai The key factor is the talent competition. Shanghai has always been considered a talent pool of the land, human resources are very abundant, but in many ways, and developed cities and regions in the world than there are still a wide gap, which is not conducive to a new round of Shanghai World Expo after the adjustment of economic structure, especially in cultural and creative industries, the need to reshape the personnel structure. The author intends to propose the following: 1, the implementation of "the Scheme" and insisting that the introduction of self-cultivation and the combination of home and abroad, through the introduction of education and training, to attract and cultivate a number of high cultural and creative planning, management personnel, as well as artists, scientists, teachers, media personnel and other professional the development of people in Shanghai; 2, change the past tendency of the development of manufacturing model, policy support, bank loans, as the cultural and creative industries and provide better conditions for development; 3 Establish and improve policies and regulations and management system, to create for such talent to live, work, development of the overall environment and atmosphere. Cultural and creative industries is likely to become the era after the Shanghai World Expo to attract the most dynamic talent industries.
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