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Firewood fulfil communicates the firewood with employee to propose a toast satis
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The working performance that wants to increase staff wants tarry talent to must undertake reasonable firewood fulfil is designed, spend in order to enhance the fair feeling of employee and satisfaction. Going up somehow, the firewood fulfil satisfaction of employee spends the firewood that compares employee to propose a toast fairness feels wider extensive and profundity.

We know, firewood proposes a toast the design has 4 basic principles: Sex of drive of exterior emulative, internal consistency, job and administrative feasibility. Besides last administrative feasibility, before 3 involve employee psychology level, namely exterior emulative it is the bottom line that firewood of company staff whole proposes a toast satisfaction is spent, be great river water full boat is tall, the whole that the integral firewood of an enterprise proposes a toast the level matters to company staff is experienced. And the internal consistency that firewood proposes a toast basically is be in and the fair move that other reflects in relative process, a the individual's effort that working drive sex expresses the company gives recognize the influence in individual mentally. The firewood reward system that company design comes out whether achieve make staff job outstanding achievement can promote already can tarry talent, raise employee to propose a toast to company fuel satisfaction is spent, depend on not only what firewood proposes a toast the system is designed is reasonable, when whether in still reflecting the process that designs in firewood fulfil and firewood fulfil to carry out a process, undertaking reaching with employee, communicate effectively. This is fulfil of so called firewood is communicated.

Good salary proposes a toast only employee accepts the system, ability produces its due effect, alleged " good wine also is afraid of alley child deep " . At the same time the enterprise adopts the firewood reward system of the design, want to let this enterprise employee understands and be accepted not only, and the one share that when also should making company invite applications for a job, has be propagandisted energetically, achieve the goal that draws person and reservation person thereby. Show according to the data, the communication that proposes a toast to firewood is opener, employee holds interest bigger, keep secret and block can be caused only suspicious, and suspicious can bring about employee to leave one's post.

How does ability realize effective firewood fulfil to communicate, does the salary that raises employee propose a toast satisfaction is spent?

Through investigating enterprise discovery, basically appear on two link problem. When the design link that is firewood fulfil above all perhaps undertakes comparative big modification, because firewood proposes a toast systematic design is mixed,alter and everybody interest be closely bound up, can move company employee the nerve of everybody, senior manager comes on, average employee reachs below, the member that clean healthful cleanness even compares attention. If cannot in time effect and appropriate employee are communicated, it is a high level only or manpower resource division system is released surely carry out, be participated in without employee and understand the link that offers employee opinion then, although can be carried out,go down, but have to employee " be above decide, I helpless " feeling. Cannot make employee well-content anyhow, because do not have the participation of employee, they were not mixed to take seriously by esteem, did not acquire right of enough know the inside story, bury in the heart above all left dissatisfactory vague impression. For example, the high-level controller of an enterprise asked an expert to undertake scientific post value is evaluated, according to the company management development strategy decided the branch such as research and development is one class ministry, manpower resource is 2 class ministry, production, business affairs, qualitative check for 3 class ministry, purchase, the content shedding, financial, office strategy that is 4 class ministry classifications, the purpose is divisional development key, just be in basic wage every level difference 200 yuan, employee is had no in the process, even the participation of middle-level is designed carried out, the group that brought about sectional sex as a result is dissatisfactory, this is really beyond the architect's anticipation. After the event undertakes explanation and the effect that communicate be not constant error, if go back arrives savagery is more unworkable.
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