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Time government is cultivated yourself
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Each thing of life is concerned with time. In the course that handler runs this tool to move toward a success in oneself to time, should acting what part is clear.

Speak of time government, most person can think of:

It is how to use time effectively on the job. This respect has the proposal of a lot of relevant books and expert, write working plan for instance, list with ABCD the first order that wants the thing that do everyday next comply with executive; applies 80 ∶ 20 principles; raises work efficiency to wait.

2 it is to be when amateur how to significant favourable geographical position is used at learning with time or work.

Actually, it is wrong that such understanding time manage this tool. You have time government, should involve the 8 big fields of life, is some not only two domains. These 8 domains are: Healthy, job, intelligence, human relation, conduct financial transactions, family, heart thinks, recreational.

Time government is cultivated yourself. Time government is you actually the issue that the person that you should become an effective time invest in or you consider make it. You undertake investing meeting what harvesting to what, health of your invest in can be on health results, your invest in is human relation, you can have results on human relation. Although we always feel time government basically should be related to the job, but your time allocates or must involve 8 big fields, this ability is best to you result. Be in for instance playday, you perhaps should be in family, healthy, recreational on more time allocate, is not to be used at the job.

About if where,the job, study has time government on these two domains, you can be found easy to doly have very much consult the principle of action and proposal, you might as well the time management that be carried out according to these measure or reviews oneself, you will obtain certain result.

However, it is right that handler manages the biggest error that go up in time sex of time administration goal is not explicit. Time was in the past, now, a of future successive line, the element that makes time is incident, the purpose of time government is the control to incident. So, you should have time government effectively, you must have; of target of a clear long-dated, metaphase, near future above all is to have a viewpoint of value and belief; next the 3rd be according to goal setting your long-term plan is mixed short-term plan, decompose next it is; of year of plan, month plan, week plan, schedule of the day the 4th it is corresponding day result, month result, year result, reach the correction of the feedback of each result and plan. This process is a loop actually, namely PDCA circulates.

When you are having time government, want special attention the following at 5 o'clock:

1. Time government and objective setting, target is carried out have the concern that supplement each other, time government and management by objectives are impartible. In the target such as your job, career, life, of every little cause finish, can make you clear know the distance of you and big target, your daily acceptance is your pressure and drive, daily action commitment must combine your goal.
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