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To apply for a job: Material " affusion " be careful self-destruction future
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As the accretion of obtain employment pressure, college graduate is " meet invite applications for a job can be entered surely " . Because fear experience affects competition ability too simply, "Affusion resume " give heat in succession. Circulate even in college graduate a such doggerel, "Resume does not make a holiday, typical one big foolish " .

However, face " affusion resume " , is unit of choose and employ persons duped so easily really? A lot of human affairs directors express, the blemish on skill and intellectual structure can groom, the blemish on character cannot be made up for however, college graduate resume builds a holiday to will affect his professional future.

To apply for a job person: Resume " affusion " be forced to do

A boss of the inn that print tells a reporter, not little now student is to take the certificate of others to come over to copy. "Obtain watch of oneself offer one's services and letter of used bear the palm, rely on the help of computer and copycat, became the person " with a brand-new " very quickly. Became the person " with a brand-new " very quickly..

In talent service center, the reporter understands, for distinction at the apparent action that make a holiday, some classmates were used when writing resume " ambiguous gimmick " , had held the position of student union a secretary in charge of sth to be written into " hold the position of student union Wu of some branch heavy important post " , had participated in some activity to be written into " chair complete some work " etc.

One does not wish to divulge the graduate of the full name is mirrorred, "Affusion resume " already was common on on-the-job field, a few units own only " certificate " do not admit " ability " the practice is " affusion resume " activator, graduate resume makes a holiday also is by force of but.

Unit of choose and employ persons: When necessary resume also wants " make a holiday "

In material of undergraduate to apply for a job " moisture " increasing, this allows unit of numerous choose and employ persons very headache. The human affairs manager of some money acting firm tells the developing zone the reporter: "In the resume that we receive, once had appeared same a case that the class has ten squad leaders. " this city the director of human affairs department of a bank expresses, unit of invite applications for a job hopes to hire the most outstanding graduate, but at present a large number of resume are put in similar phenomenon, and treat everybody from resume outstanding, simply have no way is chosen. This director thinks, the student conceals real message of purpose, fictional even and false exercitation is experienced and be in school performance, it is the behavior that loses sincere letter. "Truthless experience lets give oneself away of the hard to avoid when their interview, to invite applications for a job square impression divides a meeting to sell at a discount greatly finally. To invite applications for a job square impression divides a meeting to sell at a discount greatly finally..
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