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Graduate to apply for a job, be far from 4 big errors
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One of errors are excessive pack. At present the material of to apply for a job of graduate of a few this year's colleges is made more and more elegant, luxurious, even some schoolgirls film technically photo market, the expenses of to apply for a job rises considerably. So elaborative, no more than is to want to leave good the first impression to unit of choose and employ persons.

However things go contrary to one's wishes, excessive pack a can short time to capture " eyeball " , do not have substantial profit however, make a person feel disgusted instead sometimes. Have more very person, good to cast its place, not hesitate forge had published an article or make up the experience that holds the position of student cadre. Excessive the person that pack often lost main character -- sincere letter. Actually the to apply for a job of sincere letter person Cai Yongyuan can be welcomed, false thing even if debunk, also can make you " be utterly discredited " .

Of the error is be swayed by considerations of gain and loss. Maintaining instinctive quality is the best manner that be an upright person, to apply for a job when only neither haughty nor humble, be full of self-confidence, ability rise to the occasion. The person that weigh skill only criterion otherwise, he wants examine colour to watch scene, fathom people thinking, make oneself accord with the standard of others hard, so inevitable meeting be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, be overcautious, of personnel of invite applications for a job a few lift involuntarily, make likely his extremely suspicious, lose confidence. It is skill excellent, obtain the favor of unit of choose and employ persons, but also be camouflage then, truthless, factitious thing, cannot maintain for a long time.

Of the error is outsmart oneself. On one hand staff member of invite applications for a job is seasoned " veteran " , know well ripe to apply for a job person psychology, before them ostentation skill, be afraid meeting by a get behind, leave abominable impression instead, this is not as a bit more natural as sincerity; On the other hand the difference because of concept of company culture, choose and employ persons, in the skill of this unit effective the likelihood is in that unit is met be rebuffed. For instance firewood proposes a toast, some units abstain from to apply for a job person put forward in applying for a process, and the labor value that some units encourage you to measure oneself.

Of the error is attend to trifles and neglect the essentials. Fall the inadequacy that the normal state of mind after hiring should be understanding oneself, practicing hard at ordinary times thereby " exercise to benefit the internal organs " , enhance ability, but the person that weigh skill only criterion otherwise, can consider as an operation to have likely by accident, devoid experience, skill is not high, lose watermelon to collect sesame seed thereby, understanding is less than the essence of the problem, this kind of mistake is repeating in process of the following to apply for a job, raise ego truly hard.
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