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Duty field strategy: How should CIO break through professional ceiling
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Presiding information officer (Chief Information Officer, abbreviation CIO) it is to be in charge of a company (or enterprise) IT and system are all the senior official of the domain. They pass directive IT use the end that will back a company. Hong Xiangyang of division of presiding profession program indicates profession of exposed to the sun, CIO decided an ideal CIO in the position in business management and function should be to hold a management and IT concurrently of two kinds of ability compound model talent. The CIO of case of simple bring two parties together is " computer one's previous experience and the controller that be proficient in manages " .

What CIO profession develops is bemused

The CIO that enters business management layer is envy making a person, however from career of exposed to the sun numerous advisory case is pleasant to the eye, the CIO in reality people lack because of experience of the age, management however, and the decision-making layer attention to enterprise informatization the professional development that the hour of a lot of element such as the manner did not come to to oneself is anxiety-ridden.

Professional career is maintained period

According to current IT the development characteristic from personnel of course of study, an IT personnel accomplishs one duty of CIO, the age is in normally 40 ~ is 45 years old between. According to Shu Bai (Super) the profession develops theory, this one age paragraph the person is in a profession to maintain period. Regard a society as the person's instinct, they pay close attention to bit of place that often has reached at maintaining their centrally and favorable current situation to occupational, and the interest of the new technology of the domain, new to the profession information declines stage by stage. But this IT Information Industry personnel to change quickly, it is the most precarious pivotal transition period. As a result of the character of IT industry, CIO people use defend the strategy that does not study to be able to not make sure he overshoots professional career is maintained smoothly only period.

Career highland

Hong Xiangyang thinks, manage the CIO of the layer to walking up from technical course, no matter stem from the age or position, if let it have its swing develops follow-up ascendant space already not quite, can say to had achieved " of highland of occupational " career (or professional ceiling) . Although some CIO are right professional state is basic and at present satisfactory, but cannot place one phase how to should develop further truly, professional backwater is immersed in between hesitation; Some CIO encounter compensation seals a top, advantageous position held temporarily in stoop to compromise, but professional value is in however drop condition; 40 years old are a bank to CIO, passed this age, technical career ends namely knot, if do not have new breakthrough, that is meant what as course of study wife person speaks is same, again confirm CIO another meaning besides pointing to presiding information officer: "Career Is Over " (professional career has ended) .
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