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Duty field lives: Give others with good-tempered, give oneself with confidence
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Have a youth, good obtain a sale not easily to work, conscientious worked large half an year, not only be without improvement, fail one after another on a few big projects instead. And his colleague, each is dry gave result. He cannot suffer this kind of anguish really, be in general manager office, he says ashamedly, him likelihood does not suit this job.

The manager is silent a little while, say calmingly: "Went so, leave with the loser's identity? You are content with really? " the youth is silent not language. "Set his mind at to work, I can give you enough time, succeed till you till. To in those days, you want me not to leave you again. " of the manager good-tempered let a youth be touched very much.

Passed one year, the youth walked into the manager's office again. Nevertheless, this he is relaxed, he is already successive 7 months reside head of a list of names posted up high in company sale pop chart, became the business key member of be worthy of. He wants to know, at the outset, why can the manager fail army will continue continue to employ? "Because, I compare you more not reconciled to. " the manager's answer is complete beyond the youth's anticipation.

Youth be extremely puzzled, the manager explains: "Remember at the outset when invite applications for a job, the firm closes many below 100 to apply for material, my interview 20 much people, finally however employ you are one. If accept your resignation, I am special failure undoubtedly. To the best of my belief, since you can be in what I get when applying for to approbate, certain also capable to be approbated in what the client gets in the job, what you lack is opportunity and time only. Say with its I still have hope to you, be inferior to saying I still have hope to oneself -- I believe I did not use wrong person. Be inferior to saying I still have hope to oneself -- I believe I did not use wrong person..

From the manager over there, the youth was known should give others only with good-tempered, give oneself with confidence, in the future perhaps is a brand-new situation.

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