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Labor contract law brings new change of duty field pattern 3 kinds of employee s
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Standing committee of National People's Congress of the 10th whole nation the 28th times the conference passed on June 29, 2007 " contract law of labor of People's Republic of China " , rose to apply become effective on January 1, 2008. The labor contract new law of rights and interests of right of both sides of this normative labour and capital passes a few months after releasing in, unit of choose and employ persons is behaved quite sensitively, in succession busy move is answered, some company do a crash job cut down the member of persons employed or change autograph contract, some puts the pace of employee of delay invite applications for a job. The purpose is avoid responsibility, reduce the cost that use worker worker. And the broad worker that legitimate rights and interests gets labor contract new law to protect, behave relatively dimly, attention degree is far be inferior to an enterprise. The expert points out, face enterprise form of each different answer act, be in the laborer of weak power position, be in " labor contract law " before become effective applies, should make the best of time to learn understanding, the act that pays close attention to the unit that use worker worker and duty field change, the regulation of use statute will safeguard oneself rights and interests. of network of news of to apply for a job of new change of duty field pattern

" labor contract law " apply, will bring series change to the duty field pattern 2008, look with respect of labour and contract form from labor, will produce two big change:

It is medium the first selection that long-term contract makes both sides of labour and capital. " labor contract law " regulation, unit of choose and employ persons establishs working relationship with laborer namely since the day that for private use is versed in, after building labor to concern, ought to conclude written labor contract. Working contract and in having contract of fixed deadline labor, labour and capital is bilateral more in apt long-term contract. " labor contract law " after applying, unit choose and employ persons tends reason, pay attention to employee more make an on-the-spot investigation, the stability of education and employee rank, this process needs 3 to lustrum. Accordingly, first time of a few companies and employee sign a contract, the contract that often can select 3 years period. Pass time of 3 years, the choice suits the staff that the company grows, for quadratic fixed contract is mixed the following lay good foundation without fixed deadline contract. Laborer hopes the profession is stable, have development space, do not want to stand the turn from side to side of short-term contract. Had " labor contract law " protection, they will choose undoubtedly in long-term contract. of network of information of to apply for a job

2 it is difficulty of contract of renew one's subscription is increased. " labor contract law " regulation, after employee and unit of choose and employ persons sign contract of fixed deadline labor 2 times, if add autograph should be signed,do not have contract of fixed deadline labor. The tendency and employee sign units of some choose and employ persons to work without fixed deadline contract, in order to maintain the stability of employee rank, but also do not eliminate a few enterprises to stem from drop the cost that use worker worker, consideration that reduces the risk that use worker worker, the autograph is not renewed after nature of fixed deadline contract is stopped. Sign the crucial station that does not have contract of fixed deadline labor to a few need, the condition will be more slashing, the doorsill is met more rise. This changes, the meeting is the stability that gives extensive staff position, successional bring an influence, also can increase pressure to duty field.
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