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The ego fixed position of duty field new personality and drive
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After all previous that experienced duty field more than 8 years is experienced, be in me in muddled once junior and flighty, always think oneself can change everything, however actual result is so helpless however with agonized. Now come out a suit blueness is acerbity, just knew me to must learn acclimatization slowly, let more people accept my view and notion, try to affect the person beside with the meager strength of oneself.

Today, when turn one's head the change on state of mind of limit of this paragraph of duty and understanding, suddenly feel to seem to happened yesterday, flavor all is in therein mind.

Now, the author pursues manpower resource and company culture job already 5 years, as an instructor, groom division and adviser, often contact directly with a few new employee, communicate wholeheartedly with them, in the field of choose course of study that serves future, a lot of undergraduates very confused, they valued firewood fulfil only, even if be the difference of little, can let them make a choice none hesitantly. And the development that when making a decision, they did not think of to whether such choice is helpful for an individual at all, whether can such environment suit the individual's development? Emerge in on-the-job field new personality move blundering with confused undercurrent, let them lose due reason and sober, they know ego fixed position and ego drive far from. Should take life after a paragraph of big crooked road, just discover oneself returned start again.

Of course, this is young cost, also be the mistake that the youth should make. But the accredit in duty field cannot be excuse with this absolutely, and should in advance locates for oneself, after the life goal that should define oneself, have ego drive ceaselessly, only such his ability near his end more on life reason of future.

2006, the author undertakes in × × enterprise the group grooms. At that time with respect to bring into contact with this one phenomenon: A student raised such question to me: Why is my income to the company so low? And is with me horizontal person being taken however taller than me so much pay? I think this is the biggest unreasonable. Actually I am cheap labor, I got of the company exploit and oppress, I am intolerable really such current situation, I did not want to work, I will consider a person tomorrow.

When this one word that hears student, the author smiles so that enquire and reply: "Yes, you say exceedingly correctly, your present pay is very low really. But, we think, how does ability obtain due firewood to propose a toast? So you must be used hard, confirm to you are capable person. What is capable person? It is you should be done weller than others, or to the enterprise you are a person that also cannot replace forever! This is your value. You can think now, if with your present pay, OK invite applications for a job goes to a few, a few new personality with you, so the person that serve as business management, what kind of decision can you make again? Can your departure let him there is enough attention? Can your departure let him there is enough attention??
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