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The law of 2008 duty field success that must read
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2008, it is a great year to whole China, so to duty field medium us? How should we borrow 2008 " east wind " does apace realize oneself occupational to break through? Have its method and principle successfully oneself, regard Chinese profession program as authoritative orgnaization, the group of professional program expert of advisory orgnaization of profession of career of exposed to the sun induces for duty field person a 6 old law with duty successful 2008 field. We let be everybody below unlock the mysterious veil of these principles.

The first law: Choose platform, the place that develops to high speed goes

Want to score the success that the profession develops, should choose good development platform above all. The platform that different city and district reveal us is completely different, besides the reason of grade of fit, the town that developing quickly works, the professional development of oneself also is met more rapid. Middle finger of seventeen big report goes out, should promote national economy good develop quickly again, especially new developed area of Pudong of good play special economic zone, Shanghai, Tianjin seaside new developed area is mixed in reforming and opening the main effect in own innovation. It is with especially big city rely on, form the city with radiation big effect group, breed new economy to grow extremely. Without doubt, the area that chooses these national emphasis development develops platform as the profession of oneself, regular meeting lets you more apace gains a success. Accordingly, had chosen a city to develop to appear very important 2008.

In the past in 2007, a lot of duty field personages already no longer constrained the limitation at the city. According to profession of career of exposed to the sun advisory orgnaization investigates data to show, the person seek advice of about 35 % has had the experience that different ground finds new job, people begins to choose actively relatively the district of development or city, especially Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen these oversize cities, it is the central point that makes people choice more. 2008, the discharge of royal call together of the Olympic Games beyond the look that draws a whole world, develop fast city to also will draw more cosmopolitan talented person.

Besides the choice to the city, the choice to the industry also is the crucial seat that wins a success in 8 years. The industry also grows related the Olympic Games rapid, industry sort pervades estate, travel, hotel management, advertisement, recreational industry and relevant service manufacturing industry each domains.

Division of CCDM profession program reminds, no matter be city or industry choice, never too blind. Must make clear oneself profession target, ability can make the professional development henceforth smoother. Although the good luck 2008 countless, be in when us hold while should join self more ever some professional setting try to think, have the opportunity that agrees with photograph of oneself professional fixed position only, the pace that marchs toward a success ability is dovisher.
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