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Shandong needs to accelerate tone to rectify talent resource to configure
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Accelerate adjust Shandong talent resource especially configuration of resource of talent of above of three-year institution of higher learning, to be being driven from support secondary industry, augmentation pledges resource is used up, those who change main support to progress of science and technology and laborer quality rise, raise innovation of ability of Shandong own innovation, construction province, no time to delay. The supply and demand of Shandong province talent that came on stage a few days ago forecasts task group investigation report -- , " the strategy that from population big province marchs toward manpower resource to be saved by force thinks " gave out such conclusion.

The report says, the mouth of reason end humanness that people is used to ranking rank of production value of Shandong average per capita under gross is much, and mainer reason is manpower resource yields benefit is low. With the industry labor efficiency is calculated, 3 industries were in Shandong just a little 2005 the whole nation is discharged respectively the 13rd, the 11st mix the 10th, all lag behind at in those days GDP of Shandong average per capita is ranked in the whole nation (the 6th) . Be considered as the oil of the strong point and property of natural gas exploitation all along repeatedly, average per capita of obtain employment personnel advocate business Wu income and profit of average per capita all under Guangdong, Shanghai, the 3 % that are equivalent to Guangdong only respectively and 1 % , the 4 % of Shanghai and 2 % . The portion in contemporary service line of business is larger rent and business affairs serves industry, shandong obtain employment person create average per capita advocate business Wu income and profit of average per capita, the 56 % that are equivalent to Guangdong only and 17 % , the 48 % of Shanghai and 16 % .

The report thinks, raise manpower resource to yield the scientific configuration that the key of benefit is talent resource. Data analysis makes clear, the talent of above of three-year institution of higher learning of 40 % of Shandong stops to wait for a branch in education and Party and goverment officials, talent resource configuration is returned basically is traditional distributinging pattern, affected ability of Shandong own innovation rise to develop with economy. Guangdong saves the relevant data that economy grows to make clear, rely on change to invest structure and devoted more capital only, and cannot be adjusted and the talent resource configuration with corresponding follow-up, can not bring taller yield benefit. The real significance that talent resources estate adjusts, it is the modern industry that resource of will outstanding talent reachs to have perspective most centrally and industry, of the change that just can accelerate economy develop way so and own innovation ability rise. Pick oneself " masses daily "

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