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Malapropos famous brand lets failure of to apply for a job
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The graduate Xiaowu of major of finance and economics, the person that above average is belonged to in the classmate, his ideal profession is when officeholder. The successful coefficient that is sufferred to hire to increase, he family circumstances is not bounteous, lent a few money to kin, friend, one gnash one's teeth bought Western-style clothes of a famous brand, this body " actor's costumes " make he looks shucked off " the student is angry " .

On the stall of invite applications for a job of an audit mechanism, xiaowu had given his resume and professional paper market. Director edge is leafed through, the edge nods often. Then, the director asks Xiaowu the circumstance of respect of a few school work, after the origin that affirmed those papers, the director wrote down a phone to him at once, informed the time of specific interview and place.

Look successful in sight, xiaowu mind can'ts help a rapture. Raise a head again when the director, looked him up and down " actor's costumes " hind, brows began to knit rise: "This classmate, if you do not mind, I want to talk about one specific topic. Can you tell me you to this covers the origin of ' of ' actor's costumes on the body? " after the director says, sharp vision is staring at Xiaowu closely, make he must speak truth.

Listened to Xiaowu state, ground of director mild and indirect said a such words: "Generally speaking, the figure that applies for him attention is right, but be in mount we ask clean only neat go. Your parents is not rich, increase their economic burden meaninglessly for to apply for a job, we are agreed with very hard. From you ' lifts the motive of debt ' to apply for a job to look, explain you are put in the state of mind with blundering move in to apply for a job. Here, I call in my apiration, hope you can be in next time invite applications for a job is revealed on the meeting true oneself. Hope you can be in next time invite applications for a job is revealed on the meeting true oneself..

The thing happened to change suddenly, xiaowu unawares. He still thinks what the explanation nods, the director is smiling to shaking to him first, begin to calling below one. Gave hall of invite applications for a job, xiaowu feels a blank in cerebrum only, what because of him absolutely did not think of is: Malapropos " actor's costumes " make he was lost actually succeed in what very close nearly opportunity.

Pick oneself " luck beautiful female net "

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