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Graduation to apply for a job avoids three extreme
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Myspace " with opening a mobile phone a few days ago, but I become tone of mobile phone sound now the biggest, afraid still leakage drops the telephone call that informs an exam. Was asleep too tiredly really last noon, the result awakes to look, have a 010 front as expected did not receive an incoming message, answer the past rapidly, the result is Founder, they say to inform written examination the first round, too dangerous, within an inch of does not have an opportunity. " " associate, upright and foursquare the program of big company invite applications for a job of these home is too troubled, or a few small companies are good, the day before yesterday I go to the enterprise of written examination, explain the day can inform I enter interview the first round. This is the day before yesterday a paragraph of conversation that the reporter hears on the bus, conversational is two students that come from an other place, they apply for a job to Beijing on a special trip.

  one " old " information has referenced value most
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At present is the moment of truth that this year's undergraduate applies for a job, because a few enterprises began their campus invite applications for a job already, so job of a few students may have assured source, there perhaps are a few positions to be in in their hand choice. The expert expresses, the undergraduate ten million of to apply for a job cannot have prospect of a solution because of the person job beside at a draught random oneself condition. At present the undergraduate is in to apply for a job when existence has representative extreme case a few kinds quite, affect result of to apply for a job.
  the first, without program of to apply for a job
Although   seems to be in it seems that very apply for a job hard, but actually a lot of students know he want to go far from what kind of unit, oneself suit to become what kind of position, won't undertake an analysis to target company more, they resemble is acephalous fly, bump in disorder everywhere, total him hope is the luckiest that.
  the 2nd, too much to business demand
  is in process of actual to apply for a job, besides have complex of look forward to of big city complex, name besides, very much student is overmuch to the requirement of the enterprise, how much is can solving registered permanent residence, firewood to propose a toast for instance after all, even some of student expresses clearly still to not be willing to become the company's most rock-bottom position.
  the 3rd, working target one's own wishful thinking
The student with  not little  is in to apply for a job when the state of mind of existence one's own wishful thinking. Some the industry that their lock decides him to want to go, flat still locks decided the enterprise that he should go to. Such practices too extreme, also can be get enmeshed in a web of one's own spinning only.
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