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How does the talent evaluate a career to extend? Extend train of thought how?
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Now, development talented person evaluates a career, facing first-rate opportunity. Regime makes reform and reform of human affairs system be advanced to depth, carry exam, assessment, open choose deputy hall (bureau) the course of action of class leader cadre is being pushed in the whole nation, officeholder takes an examination of collection system to ending national office is advanced to province, ground, county, countryside from which, competitive mount guard also is in officeholder to be executed in the round. All these, for talent evaluation technical application offerred capacious prospect. As the work up of system of socialist market economy, enterprise or business to develop, the competition that have is more and more intense, to the talent's contention, increasingly intense also, of market of various and of all kinds talent build, of rate of flow of talent of home, international accelerate, the service territory that all these widened the talent is evaluated.
We think, extend our country talent to evaluate the growing point of the career, can consider from the following respects.
1, face practice of human affairs job, begin a talent to evaluate academic research
The development of talent evaluation career must rely on solid academic base to regard as prop up. But, talent evaluation must walk out of the college classroom, circle that walks out of place of scientific research courtyard. As industrial development, talent evaluation will involve all sorts of whole society all trades and professions, administrative levels and each sort model talent, because of some the vivid land that needs practice of job of root human affairs, deepen the understanding of pair of of all kinds course and industry, the knowledge that has having specific aim from which is abstracted and integrated, in order to form each characteristic, reliability tall, practical strong evaluation method system.
2, the applied domain that widens the talent is evaluated, do well service
Reform of humanness responsibility system and development of resource of integral sex talent serve, it is the primary purpose that the talent evaluates. The new technology that active qualified personnel evaluates in the link such as the written examination that departmental door wants each district to take an exam in officeholder employ, interview, assessment, new method, ensure employ takes an exam quality and talent choose level; Should lead a cadre actively to offer evaluation work skill to serve to make public choose; Want to basically face a society, for enterprise or business unit choose talent, build team of personnel of entrepreneur team, middle-level administrator team, professional technology, provide active evaluation technology service; Want to be course of study of choose of individual to apply for a job to offer a technology to seek advice, for the talent own flow serves.
3, begin international association, development talented person evaluates a technology
The course fumbles for years and introduce to what abroad evaluates a technology, digest, absorb, evaluation of our country talent had delectable development, but very as bigger than still having as foreign photograph difference. No matter the evaluation course of study of the developed country has compared maturity on method and technology, strengthen our country and the communication of these national evaluation course of study and association, be helpful for drawing lessons from advanced method of abroad and technology, hold international to evaluate the newest trends of industry forward position, development eye shot, raise our country quickly to evaluate technical level.
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