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Talent evaluation is not all-purpose but can consult
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A few countries wait in the United States and England, more and more enterprises use the method that the talent evaluates when administrator of choose high level, let applicant accept what chair by psychologist or well-trained interviewer a series of interview with period find optimal person selected.

Talent evaluation is to pass psychological, management to learn, measure learn, the exam learns, the principle of a variety of course such as systematic talking and computer technology and method, technology, a variety of quality such as tendency of characteristic of structure of level of the thought character and morals that wants a talented person to place of social all trades and professions, knowledge, ability, individual character, profession and development potential undertake measure and be evaluatinged, kind the method that choose gift, just mix in order to help person of understanding of unit of choose and employ persons enhance a person with ability the understanding to oneself.

Yang Wei country thinks, the result that the talent evaluates depends on already technology, also depend on the person that the technology is used. In the past underdeveloped period basically is with respect to experience and major knowledge undertakes searching asking. Next the practice of great majority is called " theory is pushed act " , namely if how, how will you do? In addition to technical strong and the practice with not high position cries normally " working example checks " , namely typist looks one minute to make how many word, the reporter writes a draft to wait a moment on the spot. And use to administrator of high level of invite applications for a job " behavior incident interview " law, or through " direct imitate " , " evaluation center " wait for means, also be the ability that inspects its to handle incident directly. Still a kind of means is called " projectile law " , it is to use psychological knowledge to put forward a few content that have nothing to do with the job to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation, but just make reference just.

The tendency that the technology develops is precision taller and taller, complex rate is higher and higher, virtually is taller and taller also to requirement of the person that use. Accordingly although use same technology, different person also can produce different result.

Director Wang Qun that evaluates the work according to be engaged in a talent for years introduces, what talent evaluation is used by the enterprise now is more also, but evaluate quality how, can solve a problem truly, how does enterprise interior achieve strong point of choose and employ persons, the talent is like these problems such as what kind to his understanding degree, at present evaluation of a few talents is solved still is not very good.

Some seek advice from a company to regard evaluation as the method that oneself make money, 10 yuan can be measured, 1 minute can be measured, they do not understand a talent to evaluate at all is how to return a responsibility, go selling fund. Return somebody to say disposition is optimistic for instance suit to make a sale, actually not likely. Want to combine its ability and the working history land that had made to see ability travel.
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