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Duty field strategy: "10 paces chess " make your pressure fluctuant force
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Although pressure cannot see, feel do not wear, but the presence that every person that punishs duty field personally can feel it. Pressure is element of working itself, human relation, environment a kind of nervous sense that creates to us. Although say the person does not have pressure buoyant, proper pressure can make a person contented and aspirant, but, pressure is too great or this kind of nervous sense is too abiding a be agitated of meeting occurrence angst, the psychogenic disorder such as depressed uneasiness, and even psychological disease.

The operator of every enterprise, hope oneself employee is taken out all over effort and flourishingly spirit will develop do one's best for the enterprise. Accordingly, through restrain and competing two mechanisms promote company efficiency and benefit rise, become the key of business management. But the duty field pressure that creates from this makes again employee can'ts bear heavy burden, the psychological clash that causes administrative layer and primary stuff layer, contradictory become acute and the happening of a series of sudden incident, still have with what this photograph accompanies leave one's post rate rise, attendance rate falls, whole industry is spreading a kind of uneasiness and terrified mood.

Will tell from company point of view, increase corporeal welfare, the action that enhances labour union, can alleviate afore-mentioned problems. Will tell from employee angle, when you face duty field pressure, below the society " 10 paces chess " , can change certainly pressure is motivation, disappear pressure at aeriform.

The first pace, spirit is surmounted -- viewpoint of value and life fixed position

The set of main goal waits the life value of ego and part fixed position, life a moment, say simply even if: You prepare to do a what kind of person, your life prepares to reach what goal. These seeing be like the thing that has nothing to do with specific pressure to be affected to ours actually always is very tremendous however, to a lot of pressure think over to often want end to arrive finally this respect. Card is able to bear or endure base say: "I believe very much, this is one of the biggest secrets that obtain psychological calm -- should have right value idea. And I also believe, want us to be able to decide a kind of the individual's standard come only -- compare with our life namely rise, what kind of thing ability worthiness standard, our worry has 50% to be able to be eliminated immediately. Our worry has 50% to be able to be eliminated immediately..

The 2nd pace, state of mind is adjusted -- embrace pressure in order to accumulate extremely hopeful state of mind

Fruit of French writer rain ever had said: "The thought can make heaven becomes hell, also can make hell becomes paradise. " we should realise the crisis is a favourable turn namely, encounter difficulty, generation pressure, the capacity that may be oneself on one hand is insufficient, accordingly whole issue handles a process, make the opportunity with enhance him ability, development to grow significant; Also may be the element of environment or other additionally, OK and rational communicate solve, if inextricability, forgivable also everything, face each issue with going to upbeat mood as far as possible. Study alleged and hopeful coefficient as somebody, that is to say a person often maintains the heart that Xiang Le watchs, when handling an issue, he can compare average person many opportunity of 20% gets satisfactory result. Because this is cooling brings by pressure disorder sentiment not only to upbeat mood, also can make a problem oriented relatively openly result.
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