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High-level personnel is evaluated - the general manager with industry what kind
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Shandong saves company of some home appliance, come one many year, have two vise general manager only, without general manager, and did not make clear which deputy always manage the job. Business management disorder, inside bad news is serious, popular feeling slack, management deficit, till be not sent,give salary. Leader of this enterprise superior ever studied the leading group provides a question for many times, but eventually because the opinion is abhorrent and fail to make a decision. Final, they decide general manager of public inside complete province limits invite applications for a job, ask century talent system the talent evaluation method that finite liability company uses science helps general manager of make choice of.

Boreal dark is accepting a such issues considered above all after entrusting: In eye antecedent condition falls, what kind of general manager does this company need most? Very apparent, the enterprise had arrived 1000 sore the condition of 100 aperture, find the core problem that the enterprise faces above all only, the person that ability reinstate fits most holds the position of general manager. Through thorough investigation, century talent thinks, although the enterprise is faced with the issue is more complex, but among them most the administrative issue that the problem of core is interior. Solving interior government problem effectively is the premise condition that solves other problem. According to this one train of thought, century talent establish following standards that pick a person:

Very strong in-house organization runs control ability, pay attention to apply company system and regulation to undertake administrative, normative company action.
Can acumen and discover the enterprise is existent well and truly problem, train of thought is open, consider problem profundity and deal with concrete matters relating to work.
Have the stronger skill skill that handles human concern issue, be good at controlling daedal internal relationship and human conflict.
Management consciousness is stronger, management idea is as right as management strategy, can make sober analytic judgement to the market, accurate hold company direction of management. Particular market develops ability blame beautiful.

Have stronger overall situation view and social sense of responsibility.

Because choose,those who hire is general manager, the requirement is compared again strict, the basis chooses person level, boreal dark decides to use a variety of assessment technique, comprehensive and thorough ground undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation to candidate. Specific assessment technique includes:

Paper pen exam- - ability exam, motive exam, interest exam, MBTI character exam, group part workout. Mix with the basic ability quality that will inspect applicant development latent capacity, as controller place style of action of necessary psychological quality, government is mixed the part deflection in running an activity daily.
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