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How many your meeting goes to monthly pay the job?
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This year, rebuke 80 hind do not wish to bear hardships, the somebody of National People's Congress of have grandiose aims but puny abilities is in. However across, unripe, undergraduate students goes to three-year institution of higher learning in succession however be recruited cleaner, show what students are realizing obtain employment situation to not allow hopeful, also learning gradually meeting " stoop to compromise " . How much is the bottom line of psychological price lowest that the college graduate nowadays has salary to the first job? Examine his conscience, after all monthly pay gives, undergraduates just does be most willing to go working?

The student says: It is beyond the mark that this bit of requirement calculates?

When firm matriculate, the dormitory " lie talk meeting " on we had discussed the issue about the job. Everybody thinks consistently at that time, graduation always should be 3000 yuan later most of at least, worked hard ten years to just have undergraduate course record of formal schooling after all. But draw near,graduate, soon present obtain employment situation is so urgent, road of our to apply for a job also is to stumble, move oneself psychological bottom line downward slowly. Under the circumstances, we feel to want only is the normal company that still has development latent capacity, can open 1500 yuan monthly pay, can work with begin. Be ask at this o'clock and divided nevertheless? After once upon a time change in light of, both difference has been full half, visible everybody is not easy to what apply for a job it is what kind but! -- , big 4 students small C

The company says: Graduate is in involuntary ground eager for quick success and instant benefit

At present a lot of students realized the reality that labour feel embarrassed looks for really, be willing generally also to reduce start to enter duty field. But, the idea of graduate certain apprehension or eager for quick success and instant benefit or meeting are in interview perhaps is revealed unconsciously inside probation come out. For instance, some classmates although not quite a firewood that cares about the job, but how much is they can care annual raises extent very much when interview, additional welfare how, work about the problem that a few annual meeting have rising and so on, show them fully still the state of mind of yearning good position and high pay. Actually, this is just like a person to still do not have begin operation to imagine future, like still knowing whether oneself can create achievement to begin expectation commend, is this a kind of have grandiose aims but puny abilities that covert? A lot of graduate are graduating that paragraph of period of around is particularly flabby calm, some are for the pay difference of a few money only even and jump to jump between the enterprise, this kind of unhealthy operating conditions is spent to its the professional development henceforth also is can influential. -- , groom company assistant manager makes a gentleman
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