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Unit of choose and employ persons exceeds new device to apply for a job to want
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My interview a few insurance company, after their collection resume, the first close to be not taken an examination of other, it is to want to check through disposition. Regrettablly the answer that I tried to differ, but the result asks to not agree with with disposition of choose and employ persons. " want to find new job to encounter however " disposition checks " Chen Qili complains to the reporter, successional recently a few times to apply for a job fails, let her see " disposition checks " coil to fear.

"Disposition checks " be used extensively

On market of invite applications for a job, the reporter sees, latter disposition checks those who make handsome appearances of a lot of company invite applications for a job to need option looks, units of some choose and employ persons are in invite applications for a job was employed even when top class director " psychology checks " . The article young lady of ministry of resource of manpower of branch of state of too smooth life-insurance benefit tells a reporter, roll out " disposition checks " because each industry character is different,basically be, to applicant's disposition the requirement also differs. Especially in number of to apply for a job the circumstance of asymmetry of much, information falls, disposition test can help the person that the enterprise knows to apply for a job quickly. She discloses, the to apply for a job that will apply for at present person can be crossed first by the requirement " disposition checks " close, this is main to prove to apply for a job person whether does disposition suit to be engaged in " extroversion " the job. Accordingly, a few introversion that be by the test to apply for a job person will cannot get the chance that enters below one round.

The reporter understands from much home company, a few enterprises believe the influence that individual disposition matchs with the post very much, they are met to apply for a job person computer of test result input, perhaps decide limits according to total graduation, can get whether its disposition asks with post the judge of conform to.

But complex " disposition checks " the person that let many to apply for a job is bemused. " disposition checks " the title is done, questionnaire percent of pass is extremely low, have 10 % left and right sides only commonly, your repeatedly the to apply for a job that battle defeats repeatedly person pained unceasingly.

Many to apply for a job person right " disposition checks " express doubt. Be in " disposition checks " the Zhou Xiaoxin that did not recruit through better by another however foreign enterprise distains to consider the ground to say to this, working ability comes out now in body of the ability in the job, also have a plenty of through accumulating experience, check by only " calm lifelong " , the feeling is unreasonable.

It is good to cast its place reduce test reliability

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