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Which a few kinds of people most accept favour of foreign capital enterprise?
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Foreign capital enterprise has government normal, treatment is favorable wait for an advantage, the object that the person that make broad to apply for a job consequently applies for eagerly. So, which a few kinds of people most suffer foreign capital enterprise to favor? Author general most the talent branch job that gets favour of foreign capital enterprise summed up a few kinds, consult for everybody.

(one) service line of business:

It is perfectness bilingual talent

To service line of business, the communication with the client is the first, communicate be about to use a language. The demand of the service of foreign capital business to employee English level, more apparent than making modelling enterprise want tower above one cut, want to be able to handle the work inside the portion not only, can freely the ground is the same as work in the same placing of client, foreign country or boss communication even.

2 it is the talented person that can make from basic level

Serving industry, often want to be made from basic level, mcdonald's is a the clearest case. It is easier to enter Mcdonald's, no matter be what age, sexual distinction and record of formal schooling, won't be allowed why to be discriminated against in Mcdonald's. But here, almost everybody should be made from door inn, even if the undergraduate also wants clean inn hall, sell coke, make hamburger. Put the person of no less than frame, be in company of foreign capital service is undesirable.

3 it is the person with ability with communication strong capability

Foreign capital enterprise takes the communication ability of employee seriously very much. When confronting a client whether communicate quality of the mental scene of the company, management concept, service well and truly to the other side, it is the main factor that decides business market competition ability.

(2) manufacturing industry:

4 it is to start work the person with ability with strong capability

Foreign capital enterprise emphasizes ability go ahead of the rest all along, pay attention to not quite by endowment platoon generation, this make modelling enterprise be behaved more apparently, because work in manufacturing industry, start work ability is the most important.

If well-known company Coke Cola is mixed general and electric to to apply for a job person the hardware such as record of formal schooling, experience is put more widely, generally speaking, undergraduate course record of formal schooling, 3-5 year relevant experience is sufficient pass a barrier, but this control knowledge and skill also were not gotten vaguely. General and electric software engineer one duty, must be opposite HTML Java, c, VB, the computer language such as C or technical high degree of professional proficiency.

5 it is mainland turns a talented person
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