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Graduate is stared at only no longer " 4 big cities "
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According to newest first phase " the undergraduate is optimal employer " findings report shows, expectation monthly pay is in 1000~3000 yuan the undergraduate number between is increasing.

What as 2008 invite applications for a job of graduate enterprise campus meets is comprehensive roll out, besides what campus explains to public meeting, what the undergraduate cares most at present is circumstance of the obtain employment of all previous graduate and firewood fulfil nevertheless. So, are 2007 universities graduate people " firewood " affection after all how? What city can attract a this year's graduates most? How many does the influence that record of formal schooling proposes a toast to firewood have after all? A few days ago, the newest fuel that some website releases proposes a toast investigation shows, record of formal schooling still is deciding the discretion that the firewood when graduate enters office proposes a toast, in addition, drop what firewood of this year's graduates proposes a toast ceaselessly, him adjustment that makes them ceaseless psychology anticipates. Concerned expert points out, face increasingly austere obtain employment environment, the this year's graduates should have record of formal schooling not only, accumulate relevant social experience conciously even, and when choosing obtain employment city, the element such as cost of policy of the development foreground that should inspect each city integratedly, obtain employment, life, humanitarian environment, stride good job field the first pace.

This second firewood proposes a toast investigation lasted the time of close half an year, enclothed 31 province city of countrywide in all many 11700 enterprise of 20 industries, collect data of fulfil of firewood of 220 thousand employee, among them many 23000 are this year's raw firewood fulfil data.

Investigation shows, the nine branch such as administration of service of research development, sale, client, office and logistics management, content shedding, market, financial management, property management and manpower resource becomes those who receive a this year's graduates " large family " . Among them, this year's graduates that studies development department door is received is most, occupy by 13.3% of investigation number, this year's graduates that manpower resource branch receives is least, occupy only 1.0% . Among them, research development department asks to graduate record of formal schooling general on the high side, what undergraduate course reachs above record of formal schooling is have to occupy 80% above in the this year's graduates; This year's graduates of record of formal schooling of above of undergraduate course of manpower resource branch occupies 65% above; And in financial management, market and office service this year's be born to be given priority to with undergraduate course and the following record of formal schooling; The brunt that sells sectional this year's graduates is three-year institution of higher learning, occupy 60% above. In addition, client service, content sheds this year's graduates that inducts with property management department, reach with three-year institution of higher learning give priority to below, this year's graduates of record of formal schooling occupies 60% above under three-year institution of higher learning of content shedding branch, and in property management department scale of this record of formal schooling was occupied 80% .
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