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Extend strong enter a school of new student of " of " concern net actively to at
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The classroom that has not understood oneself is in, was gotten on first one class: Report for duty in the new student this year link, dalian part college began obtain employment to teach to the new student that just reported for duty; Same, give the parent of greatest hope to child future, also drive class hour in the child " move " rise, austere obtain employment form, let them happen to coincide the ground chooses to want " win in the scratch line " on.

Enter a school of one school new student starts obtain employment education

The new student that Dalian manage is versed in the university reports for duty this year took the name is " win in the scratch line " manual of guidance of obtain employment of 2007 class new student, learn professional understanding to the school and place to promote a student, enhance consciousness of student obtain employment, the school begins obtain employment to seek advice in the new student first this year, directive activity.

Obtain employment of a college coachs central chief says, what the obtain employment of most institution of higher learing coachs is old have pattern nothing more than 3 programs: From big 3 or more hind begin, the school unites guidance of arrangement obtain employment, ask an expert to teach lecture; The leader of each institutes, teacher has way how-to; Connection unit, enter activity of of all kinds invite applications for a job. 3 processes go, the school waits to be sent out good news of the student, the obtain employment of statistical school is led. But unit of current choose and employ persons chooses talent and target of implementation unit work efficiency to have close relationship, "Who can get used to the job the most quickly into unit hind, make success, be taken seriously naturally also. " from this, the psychology that graduate must adjust him anticipates with suiting actively, when its go to school really, this one job should finish. Accordingly he thinks, should begin to have the program of professional career for its from entrant, make a student right in different level it is obtain employment situation, relevant policy, certain to apply for the content such as skill to have degree understanding. At the same time the individual character act according to actual circumstances according to the student.

And the parent plans to the child's profession more ahead of schedule, dalian manage is versed in university obtain employment coachs central teacher introduces, it is early when fill in a form and submit it to the leadership of the university entrance exam is volunteer, the phone of center of obtain employment guidance is hit " explode " , the focus that the parent questions is which professional good obtain employment.

2 parents term begins the obtain employment that start " concern net "

Sending the child to go to school is not sole purpose, even relation of have the aid of gets acquainted with the school " concerned personage " get together. A few parents were calculated more such " opening cost " . "We choose this major to had considered had human relations in society actually whether benefit at obtain employment, the child attends a college 4 years, be to seek a good job in the future. " a parent says.
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