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You become a boss go pledge 3 paces music checks
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Open market environment and give aid to policy lets do poineering work closer and closer from us. According to statistic, at present smooth Shanghai can be born on average everyday 193 young shopkeepers. Face a lot of chance, if encountered a profession again " bottleneck " , white-collars meet itch to try: It is oneself jump to work alone, still use a post open a firm with person partnership? Of course, was used to old government 9 evening the life of 5, the hour that reached to work alone, unavoidable meeting became little a boldness.
Their accountant calculates opportunity cost how many, and the greatest tangle is: My accumulate was finished? When can I become a boss?
Case: Xiaolin's profession is bemused
After Xiaolin undergraduate course graduates with respect to the member that in imports and exports of some large garment foreign trade state-owned company becomes for sale abroad or in another part of the country, cautious and conscientious worked 7 years, the liberal art that knows nothing about commerce from is unripe, turned perfectness Europe dress into foreign trade " expert " . Nowadays, he can say to all business of the company already know sth like the palm of one's hand, and the member that his position expanded export, also backwater not before. The company is paid attention to by endowment platoon generation, add have a lot of " relative of emperor close country " , he wants preferment manager to hope it seems that vague. Place before him nowadays have 3 ways: The first, find new job go to other company, be like civilian battalion or foreign enterprise, however his company nowadays is the old inside the industry, find new job to be able to jump over jump flooey probably. The 2nd, read MBA aureate. Go renown school reads an on-the-job MBA, strive for the leap that acquires position. But, in 7 years of in the past, he had not done administrative work, the trade trade that pursues, ring is so big, whether a piece of dinkum diploma is in charge of with? And read need 3 years, be too busy certainly inside 3 years again attend to is other opportunity, social status of the MBA after 3 years how, still also be fan. The 3rd, do poineering work. The company is very much " able person " oneself jump to work alone, this also is his dream all the time. Although he notices to accumulate the foreign client of this respect all the time, but good luck not beautiful, client by the boss " card " must die dead, because all of this all things has, and " east wind " long however await do not encounter.
Music of the first pace:
Some management seeks advice from company profession adviser to think: Taking advanced courses, do poineering work, find new job affliction wanders between all sorts of opportunities, this is the problem that a person encounters Xiaolin not just. Do poineering work let one individual implementation from " profession " to " career " transition, such temptation often lets mostly the person's balance is final to do poineering work tilt. But, no matter your reason is pursuit the life is abundant and in good health, still regard it as one of outlets of professional handler, the following poineering quality, you also cannot little:
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