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Whether do you feel present job is inflexible and tedious, lack challenge and rising opportunity? Whether are you wanting to want to devote into the career that long for day and night intently? Be about to find good position, how can ability do a stratagem which ensures success firmly? It is the opinion of a n experienced person and a manpower resource expert below.
Judgement cause is true
The ability after some people are cogitative changes the job, this kind of person has resolution relatively normally, also understand oneself cause. You want end of him make choice of, usable and the following method: Clear up because disposition shoulds not,thinking exchange labor is made is, still be environmental element or human affairs problem.
What job can have pressure, sometimes we must learn to deal with, acclimatization, might as well stay in show working station to watch period of time, see it after all whether suit you. Turn like be determined hillock, can consider the work related to one's own profession, be like: The member that boat Wu acts as agent can work promote trade, landed company secretary can consider to change agent.
Maintain active life attitude
How be a housewife of many years old 40, because the child is grown already, determination return work. She was become about the same counterjumper of a year, but look forward to to become a nonmilitary personnel in the heart, go before two years then attend in a advanced studies office assistant and computer class Cheng, obtain after graduation hire office assistant. She says not without feeling ground: "Afraid all the time before new obtain employment will be very difficult, do not have courage to seek white-collar position at all, made half an year now, become aware oneself get used to new environment is very successful. Become aware oneself get used to new environment is very successful..
Turn into interest profession 39 years old using a wife is company administrator formerly, she says: "I work in business circles already 10 years many, special wearily. My bring into contact with has maintained the green principle of austere life later, be interested extremely, fell in love with slowly horticultural. " then she abandons high pay, turn to work of group of an environmental protection. She still leased a farmland, plant 9 days every week, be content with one's lot. 5 years ago, she turns interest into position eventually, become green the educational director of rural foundation.
Seek professional introduction to reach coach serve many employment agencies and firm of human affairs adviser to be able to offer newest manpower market information and post vacant data. A few large-scale employment agencies more to to apply for a job person offer ability to evaluate a test, the person that help to apply for a job understands his ability.
An administrative director that the profession introduces advisory firm is dissuasive say, to apply for a job person turn answer before hillock much collect data, read the book that with the ideal in memory the profession concerns more. If your plan selected readings is industrial and commercial,course of Master of tubal a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties strengthens the condition that changes the job, you must understand the content of this course, also want advertent this learns potential energy to deny your future employer to be looked at with new eyes to you.
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