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Common saying says: "Parents leans in the home, go out rely on a friend " . The road of life, gully myriad, always be unavoidable to want to encounter difficulty and setback. Connect " on the west travel notes " in the Sun Wu that be infinitely resourceful also has the evil spirit that cannot fall for nothing, volt not demon, he must look for other immortal friend, rely on them to help will spend difficulty. In real job field, the difficulty that we encounter perhaps returns meeting more, at this moment, we rely on the support of enterprise, boss, boss, colleague, subordinate and help with respect to need, the power that uses a group goes overcoming it. So, develop an environment to create a good profession to oneself, we must be built with the boss (company, boss) , the 3 big win-win of colleague and subordinate concern.

With colleague win-win

The colleague is one of main customers in our profession career. Many people regard the colleague as the dispensable, person that not matter will treat, also be a big mistake really. When your mood is bad, when you encounter difficult problem, when you encounter the crisis, when you need to help, when the company has 360 degrees of assessment, the colleague is your indispensable associate and support. Moreover, life is alive and organic meeting can get along together work together, it is a kind of lot really, answer oneself be apt to is added cherish.

(1) expresses to care sincerely

You are right others whether the care of out sincerity, can be known by others place hole sooner or later. Care what is more,the rather that also do not need to you give how old power or make what the other side gets advantage or utilitarian. Actually, sometimes if an exchange of conventional greetings asks to warm or show loving care for a greeting, also can make person benefit from endless, win a fellow worker admit with good impression.

(2) endeavors to help others

Since because the predestined relationship just gets together,the person is, work in the same place when experience is difficult, you should exhaust the power of oneself, for its the solution that discharge care is stranded. The from the bottom of one's heart that believes to be able to acquire each other is appreciated with well-meaning redound. Aimosheng ever said American ideologist: "You can help others in earnest, others can help you certainly, this is a kind of best pay in life. " the predetermination important condition that this also shows to helping a person is to exchange others to aid you just about, also be the base that establishs good and human relationship at the same time. Accordingly, should work in the same place especially with the person or the good relationship that the friend establishs coadjutant collaboration, with respect to application the heart endeavors to help him (she) people.

(3) avoids brawl bicker

Get along in the colleague in interacting, hard to avoid can produce the feeling such as different opinion, idea or confict of interest thing and argue or quarrel. Want to know calm, manage to enrage soft truth continuously nevertheless, and can oneself are timely concede one pace, with disappear cover innocently dispute, ensure interactive relation won't be destroyed. Arguing because of talking around do not have conqueror, although you can say to get be left without an argument of the other side, the other side also can be damaged because of proper pride and have resentment, although won,also be to be defeated.
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