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Psychology of fashionable of British company invite applications for a job check
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England " daily telecommunications signs up for " 10 days of reports, invite applications for a job of British college graduate person the investigation that association makes this year shows, correspondence of most England big company hires graduate degree to approbate degree to drop, the invite applications for a job of about 92 % just thinks psychological test is in talent invite applications for a job " effective " or " very effective " . Psychological test makes one of core standards of company choose talent gradually.
"Strong sth used to one's own advantage " shrink record of formal schooling and ability are out of line
Invite applications for a job of British college graduate person the findings report that association issued circumstance of invite applications for a job of a concerned graduate recently, investigation object covers England more than 200 well-known company. Findings shows, of British college degree " empty is tall " make graduate diploma serious shrink, unit of increasing choose and employ persons trusts no longer the conviction of diploma.
Honorary bachelor's degree can divide British graduate for 4 etc, it is first-class respectively, in classy, medium coarse with third class. Last year, in the graduate of 57 % is taken classy reach above honor degree, although gain identical diploma, but the student that is graduated from different school exists on ability level difference.
The talent is assessed
Psychology takes an examination of cent to be important basis
Apparent, the employer that loses confidence to diploma people won't put up with, for choose sagely, they had found a kind of more real talent to assess a method, after examining applicant record of formal schooling namely, undertook to him the psychology of business ability check checks combinative inference and feeling.
In psychological test, official of invite applications for a job can is opposite through examination questions logistic thinking ability of the student, computation ability, fight press maturity of ability, psychology to wait make judgement. In the meantime, of applicant " soft ability " , wait to also be given high attention like leadership, gregarious ability, decision-making ability.
Test content
Simple title studies nature
Reflect applicant condition well and truly for demand perfection face, employer invites psychologist elaborate design test subject, thematic itself difficulty is not great, check of official of invite applications for a job of OK however and effective help gives the integrated ability of a person.
E.g. , the title that psychology checks includes, whether be willing to make friend, constituent activity, seek change, repair a thing, loosen oneself, help other, discovery knows newly to wait, applicant from " like most " to " like least of all " undertake choosing in archives of a few degree. Unit of choose and employ persons passes applicant's answer, can make judgement to its disposition and integral quality.
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