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Whether are you good at ego expression?
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Build with others open, genuine, direct open act with proper channel, it is the behavior that ego conveys. The behavior that ego conveys can increase the freedom of one individual choice to spend. When a person has the freedom of the choice, the feeling with self-prossessed self-respect can replace depressive, grievance or wait for the affection that injures a person angrily.
Answer the following question according to the facts please, him basis is factual of case and allegation accord with a circumstance to choose answer figure, choose place digital addition finally. Digital meaning is respectively: 1, never; 2, very few; 3, sometimes; 4, it is mostly; 5, often be.

1, be opposite when a person when you are very inequitable, whether do you let him know?

2, the disposition that whether can you control you?

3, whether do in discussing or arguing, you feel very easy to express an opinion?

4, whether do you start to talk easily praise others?

5, the member that whether do you promote carry out because of be opposite very hard says not, and buy some of thing that don't oneself need actually or does not mean?

6, when you sufficient reason retreats goods to give store square when, are you hesitant not definitely?

7, whether do you feel people expresses not to welcome you rarely in words and deeds?

8, if a friend raises a kind of unjustifiable requirement, can you refuse?

Plan dispenses explanation

1, high ego expression: Fractional addition, notch in the 32 person that divide above, express special be good at ego expression, the opinion that often reveals oneself in time and experience.

2, in on the high side spends ego to convey: Fractional addition, notch in 25 - 32 minutes, the opinion that states most moment can reveal him and experience, but now and then do not do.

3, in on the low side spends ego expression: Fractional addition, notch in 16 - 24 minutes, express now and then can ego expression, but the opinion that most moment cannot express him and experience.

4, low spend ego expression: Fractional addition, notch in 16 minutes the following person, express special not self-approval, the opinion that often cannot reveal oneself and experience.

If your notch on the low side, so the behavior that you can review in life middle school ego is conveyed, so that handle human relation effectively. It is the OK and referenced method when ego is conveyed below. Ego expression can generalize for: Sturdy principle and gentle manner.

Sturdy principle is to show the content that ego conveys must be made clear, cannot amphibolous. Generally speaking, to can describe oneself opinion well and truly, effective ego expression divides into 4 language meaning normally group: 1, descriptive circumstances; 2, expressive mood; 3, offer an opinion; 4, consult discussion. For example, if the someone inside the library is saying aloud, you can tell to him so: Your voice is too big, I cannot absorption read a book, I think the library is not talking place, or you can speak to the outside. These 4 words have 4 kinds of afore-mentioned functions respectively.
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