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Inferior card advertisement gush keeps staff- - advertisement gush keeps staff
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Position condition
Post of invite applications for a job: Other kind
What belong to an industry: Number of other invite applications for a job:
Branch of invite applications for a job: Position type:
Common position
Period of efficacy: Long-term and effective (released on January 30, 2007) working property:
Full-time / part-time job
Lunar pay is equal: 2500—3000 yuan working area:
Qinghai - Yu Shuqing sea - Hai Xixin border - Urumqi

Position requirement
Specific requirement: Be engaged in street advertising gush keeps the job. Monthly wages 3000 to 5000. But 13315847766.QQ575217441 of phone of daily settle accounts

Working experience asks: Requirement of record of formal schooling: Do not be restricted
Sexual requirement: Do not be restricted age requirement: Arrive 60 years old from 16 years old
Census register requirement: Show seat demand:
Professional requirement: Foreign language requirement: Without
Language of another name for Guangdong Province asks: Without marital status requirement: Do not be restricted

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