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2008 China building is energy-saving with material of new-style wall body (Ning
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2008Chinese building is energy-saving with material of new-style wall body (Ning Bo) exhibition Approve an unit: Ministry of science and technology of People's Republic of China Time: On September 9, 2008 - 11 days of places: Conference of peaceful wave international exhibits a center Origanization construction: Economic Commission of city of peaceful wave of government of people of peaceful wave cityChinese machinist Cheng learns The Chinese Academy of Sciences Hangzhou Bo Hua shows service limited company Exhibit meeting window: ※ this second exhibition got Ning Bo municipal government, The tripartite confrontation of Economic Commission of peaceful wave city supports, the meaning is far-reaching; ※ this second exhibit can be exposition of industry of the 5th China International outspread project, Previous term or session is exhibited can be in the audience amounts to major that register35000Person, hopeful of current and professional audience is broken through40000Person; Show range: Wall of energy-saving door window, act, profile, plank, glue, relevant equipmentWall of block of compound heat preservation, inside and outside insulation material★ of compose of steel of ★ of electric equipment of ★ energy-saving air conditioning, part, net wearing builds glass to stick velar ★Sunshade technology reachs a product★ builds pottery and porcelain of ★ of paint of environmental protection of ★ of product of technology of energy-saving, section ground, coating, Wei Yu, clean to provide, solar energy of ★ of management of contract of the sources of energy of ★ of integral hutch ark and ★ of building unifinication product build ★ of product of technology of water of waterproof, section to build environment of ★ of product of section talent skill safeguard andConcrete is hollow step is fastAerocrete blockBo of ★ Wei Yu and relevant product, pottery and porcelain art; Walk along type to move the door, condole supports; Material of the of all kinds material that lay the ground, stone, horticultural afforest; The product of environmental protection of new-style science and technology such as lamps and lanterns of of all kinds hardware, energy-saving illume, energy-saving home appliance; ★Hollow glass brickWall material makes machinePaper face plasterboardGesso beaverboardGesso particieboardGesso is hollow boardSlat of light qualitative partitionMetallic face with filling board★ application heats up source of pump, land to heat up the; such as pump and cycle unit at architectural air source Publicize promotion and audience organization: ★ coulds there be especially in the light of long triangle media of wave area mainstream makes series ad, release exhibit meeting information, the plan is exhibited can dog reportorial ★ is in domestic and international congener and famous exhibit propagandist promotion is made on the meeting, mining postpones business, attract traveling trader; ★ is used buy before domestic and international congener and famous exhibit meeting audience database, with phone, fax, email, mail invitation letter, visit wait for a variety of forms to invite buy the home to visit the spot to look around purchase; ★ installs advertisement of tall artillery piece on the freeway, promotion extends meeting form, in the urban district main road installs reseau to wear, conduct propaganda this second exhibit meeting; ★ carries all sorts of channel such as government, guild, organizing committee, constituent ginseng is exhibited, visiting organization; ★ celebrity effect: Extend meeting the corresponding period, invite industry expert through the organizing committee, well-known company CEO visit the site, borrow this to attract travelling merchant of many high quality to attend a meeting;
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