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Assist stricken be hit by a natural adversity enterprise to be avoided completel
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5Month12Day14When28Cent, sichuan happening8Shake of class spy earth. 16Day, shanghai international machine tool exhibits an organizing committee resolute decision, "The company of peaceful river group that derate gets an earthquake to weigh calamity to affect and company of general assorted peaceful river (company of peaceful river of the following abbreviation) all ginseng exhibits cost " add up to13More than 10000 yuan. Factory of machine tool of peaceful river of setting of peaceful river company is the ginseng that machine tool of current Shanghai international exhibits postpones business, its predecessor is a plant of state-operated machine tool that has nearly 40 years of histories, have powerful accurate machine tool to consider to develop ability and substantial machine tool facilities to make experience. Go up century 60 time, factory of Nanjing machine tool one divides into two, half person (about 1000 much people) , half equipment sent Jiang Yan, ningjiang is taken just about from Nanjing, Jiang Yan's meaning. After stricken be hit by a natural adversity and severe earthquake, be located in peaceful river company of Jiang Yan is stricken be hit by a natural adversity and serious. End on May 16, plant area of peaceful river corporation and household division have two serious injuries, 4 employee misfortune dies, collapse building tens of. Because household division house is damaged mostly, great majority of this plant personnel lives inside the tent that the village builds. The news that helps earthquake of Ning Jiang with real operation is affecting Shanghai international machine tool to exhibit an organizing committee the heart of every staff member. Everybody weeps for the circumstance of disaster area, sad, anxious, the adamancy that is Sichuan person, brave and touch, encouragement. 16 days, shanghai international machine tool exhibits an organizing committee to issue condolatory letter to peaceful river company, resolute decision, "Via the company all partner discusses, the decision is in exhibit a case that sells not quite to fall, the ginseng of the peaceful river company that will get an earthquake to weigh calamity to affect exhibits cost 130 thousand yuan of all derate (collect fees return) , exhibit as Shanghai international machine tool boost disaster area, support the particular move that peaceful river company rebuilds. " conquer calamity resumes production 19 days, factory of peaceful river machine tool makes a telephone call to the organizing committee. "Machine tool of acknowledgment Shanghai international exhibits an organizing committee to care and be assisted of the company to Ning Jiang. Those who pass 7 days is aseismatic save oneself, company place belongs to finished product to make the unit such as ministry, accurate treatment ministry already resumed production, machining center of accurate horizontal of 3 6 CKD6140, THM6363 already sent the client that goes to Sichuan and Inner Mongolia. " the message is transmitted, hearten making a person. We acclaim for peaceful river person, for Ning Jiang the person is cheered. Ethos always puts ray calamity to press the Sichuan person that does not cross adamancy. "The plan that we join Shanghai international machine tool to exhibit is changeless. Before 100 thousand professional audience, business is postponed in many 1000 ginseng before, we should show the confidence that home rebuilds after big calamity, reveal us ethical industry is inexorable, strong belief " . Calamity pressing does not cross firm Chinese. Earthquake, destroyed 40 thousand much the people; But, calamity invoked the spirit of 1.3 billion person. Pinch presses any hardship not to pour the Chinese nation! Peaceful river person, cheer! Chinese, cheer!
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