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Paper of international of Dongguan of the 4th 2008 China orders goods Fair
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Paper of Dongguan international of the 4th 2008 China orders goods Fair The corresponding period holds: International of the 4th 2008 Dongguan pressworks exposition of the industry that pack Time: 28 years on November 28 - 30 days of places:  abdomen  sails Ji blames a? to show an area: 20, 000 square metre
Invitation letter sponsors an unit: Papermaking of committee of major of equipment of machinery of society of papermaking of China of society of Guangdong province papermaking and actor of rich of Guangzhou of research center of project of contaminative control country can exhibit of service limited company to support an unit: Province of Guangdong of association of the Guangdong province technology that pack pressworks Hong Kong of association of technology of papermaking of Dongguan of chamber of commerce of the industry of guild Guangdong province that pack pressworks Dongguan of the chamber of commerce of Taiwan of the chamber of commerce that pack that pack pressworks media of of guild Shenzhen Association Typographique International is affined: Domestic and international 50 more than professional magazines and website undertake unit: Guangzhou rich actor can exhibit service limited company
Rich actor can be exhibited---Bend force makes papermaking trade grand meetingPostpone meeting brief introduction "Paper of international of the 4th 2008 Dongguan orders goods Fair " will in November 2008 28-30 day is in Dongguan international exhibition center is held ceremoniously. This will be 2008 the papermaking trade grand meeting that Hua Na has dimensions and force most, the paper supplier with famous whole world will gather Chinese Dongguan. Before passing 3 success is held, we will have confidence to pass more this second exhibit can be colleague of industry of domestic and international papermaking to offer more professional, the industry that has dimensions more communicates grand meeting. We will do good audience meticulously to organize the work seriously, do one's best had contacted agency of each paper representative and terminal user, make you are in exhibit can find on the meeting suit buy the home. Glamour Guangdong Course of study of dark labour papermaking is Guangdong saves one of industries of 9 big pillar, in recent years, goose-step of Chinese papermaking industry enters rapid growth period, year growth is achieved 20% . Dark labour papermaking is one of latent capacity industries of Guangdong, guangdong is the manufacturing big province of Chinese papermaking and paper products. Current, the key laboratory of state of project of the papermaking that make a starch with Chinese papermaking only industry and national research center are set in Guangdong. Papermaking and paper products industry are one of 8 big pillar industries of Dongguan city, according to statistic, be in Dongguan city, at present paper estate company, paper mill, paper tastes a factory in all many 1200, register capital to amount to 7.6 billion yuan, fixed assets invests nearly 26 billion yuan of RMBs. Papermaking crop occupies complete province 70% , main product is box of paperboard of paper of corrugated paper, fine dried noodles, ox and coated paper and partial bumf, of all kinds corrugated fibreboard, paper, paper bag. Already formed production to pack machine with products of paper, paper with paper, life, presswork, pack, papermaking machinery, chemical industry (auxiliary) mutual form a complete set, coordinate the industrial catenary of development and industrial group, its dimensions benefit resides the whole nation the first. Dongguan city is known as base of international manufacturing industry, be located in the center of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Hong Kong, papermaking print development is swift and violent in recent years, papermaking pressworks the industry is saving the platoon in city of 21 ground level completely the first. Dongguan is at present Guangdong saves papermaking to presswork one of areas with the rapiddest development of the business that pack, at present Dongguan city shares of all kinds papermaking to presswork the enterprise that pack many 2200, from personnel of course of study nearly 100 thousand person.
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