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Exhibition of equipment of technology of papermaking of international of Donggua
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Equipment of the biggest papermaking exhibits Hua Na Exhibition of equipment of technology of papermaking of Dongguan international of the 4th 2008 ChinaThe corresponding period holds: 2008 China papermaking and forum of environmental protection height Time: 28 years on November 28 - 30 days of places:  abdomen  sails Ji blames a? to show an area: 20, 000 square metre
Invitation letter sponsors an unit: Papermaking of society of papermaking of province of Guangdong of committee of major of equipment of machinery of Chinese papermaking society and actor of rich of Guangzhou of research center of project of contaminative control country can exhibit of service limited company to support an unit: Guangdong visits town of Dongguan of environmental protection bureau media of association of technology of papermaking of city of Dongguan of environmental protection bureau is affined: Domestic and international more than 50 professional magazines and website undertake unit: Guangzhou rich actor can exhibit actor of rich of of service limited company---Bend force makes papermaking trade grand meetingPostpone meeting brief introduction "Equipment of technology of papermaking of international of Dongguan of the 4th 2008 China is exhibited " will in November 2008 28-30 day is in Dongguan international exhibition center is held ceremoniously. This will be 2008 the grand meeting of papermaking technology equipment that Hua Na has dimensions and force most. The papermaking equipment with famous whole world and data vendor center the cloud the country Dongguan, concentration reveals current world's most banner papermaking equipment, chemical and relevant and banner data. "Equipment of technology of papermaking of international of Dongguan of the 4th 2008 China is exhibited " of the new technology that will be industries of pair of papermaking of 2008 year whole world, new facility, new solution big parade. The personage inside numerous course of study also can be passed development that postpones change with each passing day of industry of papermaking of meeting testimony whole world. Before passing 3 success is held, we will have confidence to pass more this second exhibit can be colleague of industry of domestic and international papermaking to offer more professional, the industry that has dimensions more communicates grand meeting. We will do good audience meticulously to organize the work seriously, do one's best had contacted each papermaking company, make you are in exhibit always can find on the meeting suit buy the home. Before the course 3 breed, the 4th is exhibited can predict to exhibit an area to will amount to 20000 square metre, exhibit business to amount to many 350. Attended the meeting last year each important ginseng exhibits business to all express to will continue to participate in, because reason fails,joined a few well-known companies that exhibit to also express to will attend the 4th to exhibit in succession last year meeting. Rich actor can be exhibited will take old and professional experience, strive to be in exhibit amount of dimensions, can professional level, audience and quality, exhibit the respect such as meeting service further upward, make the 4th is exhibited can innovate again tall, more achieve brilliant.
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