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Gardening equipment of 2008 China International and horticultural things exposit
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2008Year12Month2Day -4Day Shanghai new international reads extensively center (road of Pudong · Long Yang2345Date) Sponsor an unit Association of Chinese gardening equipment / China International commerce promotes committee consortium of Chinese forest aircraft/ European city and program investment consortium / society of Shanghai gardens landscapeUndertake unit Shanghai Pudong international shows a company / Shanghai coronal connects an exhibition to engineer limited company Assist run an unit Alliance of marketing of conformity of Taiwan powerful head / Taiwan building technology learns / international builds society (ICU)Support an unit / of committee of major of building materials of zoology of federation of Chinese housing materialsShanghai builds a society Market background The huge grand meeting that 2008 international gardening equipment and horticultural things exposition are bound of our country and world view gardens, horticultural afforest. Exhibit meeting general to have France, Hungarian, Spain, Italy, Belgian, Holand, Australia, United States, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore and harbor, bay, numerous expert, guest, merchant arrives at mesa region industry; Countrywide Beijing, shanghai, the ginseng of 40 many cities such as Guangzhou is exhibited, predict visiting passenger flow will amount to above of 200 thousand person-time.
Huge grand meeting offerred rare business chance for the businessman. Take business chance to help industry businessman, understand market market conditions, communication industry product develops a trend, market advanced and high grade product, exhibit can sponsor square decision organization to hold this second international gardening equipment horticultural things exposition. Shanghai is afforest of our country gardens enclothes one of the widest cities, to hold meeting general was in world rich 2010 in the near future inside denounce is gigantic endowment of construction of afforest of finished urban whole program, city and gardens landscape build or rebuild project, also was gardens landscape and afforest conserve enterprise to bring new business chance and challenge at the same time. Of the construction of world rich garden and development of Pudong new developed area and old the city zone rebuild, still make Shanghai becomes home to have the terminal market that consumes latent capacity most, bring infinite business chance for numerous company and unit of trade of form a complete set. Exhibit meeting general this to the manufacturer inside 1000 above course of study, businessman is on sale product of domestic and international gardening equipment, horticultural things. We invite you to participate in cordially "2008China International gardening equipment and horticultural things exposition
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