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In the earthquake, allow our keep watch and help defend each other!
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Determine according to network of national earthquake station, beijing time on May 12 14 when 28 minutes, sichuan short of Wenshui River plain county (north latitude 31 degrees, the east longitude 103.4 degrees) produce 7.8 class earthquake, this earthquake intensity is big, affect the range is wide, the loss is severe. According to statistic, up to on May 15 13 when 12 minutes, this earthquake already caused Sichuan 14866 people die, shaanxi, Gansu Province, Chongqing, Yunnan also has dead report, at present specific figure still is in statistic.

Red Cross of the China after seismic happening always can have from Chengdu calamity provides disaster relief instantly the center is urgent allocate and transfer the goods and materials such as tent, quilt, use at local Red Cross to begin deliverance work, comprise working group providing disaster relief to drive go to disaster area. At present disaster area is badly in need of things of tent, quilt, critical provision, drinking water, medical treatment, environment disinfectant and water the goods and materials such as disinfectant. The foundation is current disaster area demand, chinese Red Cross appeals social all circles acts actively, develop the Chinese nation " it is difficult that one party has, all directions is assisted " traditional goodness, positive contribution contributes content, participate in calamity come among urgent deliverance, for love of dedication of disaster area masses, hand in hand humane, the masses that deliverance is affected by the earthquake. In view of at present traffic condition place is restricted, as far as possible with cash means contributory.

Total meeting asks various Red Cross acts instantly at the same time, strict according to " law of Red Cross of People's Republic of China " concerned regulation, begin raise donations lawfully, throw job providing disaster relief actively.

Concerned the situation of a disaster and Red Cross system participate in circumstance providing disaster relief, land website of Chinese Red Cross please: inquiry.

Chinese Red Cross always can provide disaster relief special Zhang date and hot line:

1, pass bank contribute money

Open an account unit: Chinese Red Cross always is met

The RMB opens an account row: Subbranch of a bank of Dong Sina of branch of Beijing of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

RMB Zhang date: 0200001009014413252

Foreign currency opens an account row: Subbranch of a bank of bank winebibber bridge is believed in

2, pass post-office contribute money

Chamberlain: Chinese Red Cross always is met

Address: Beijing east new bridge of north of the city zone 3 8

Zip code: 100007

3, pass the contribute money on the net

Land Chinese Red Cross to always meet website: Http:// is clicked enter " donate on the net " column, operate according to clew can.
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