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The teacher goes into action the spot " promote " undergraduate
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What the reporter holds from Chongqing traffic institute yesterday is double chose meeting site to see distinctive one act, school teacher is exhibited in unit of choose and employ persons before, to ground of enthusiasm of unit of choose and employ persons " promote " oneself student.

Teacher spot recommends an undergraduate

Yesterday double choose on the meeting, the professional teacher that the reporter sees each courtyard is fastened and student cadre come to unit of each choose and employ persons exhibit before, introduce case of the professional dominant position that him courtyard fastens, student to unit of choose and employ persons, in the student to offer one's services of unit of choose and employ persons when, if unit of choose and employ persons has not clear place, professional teacher is OK still to choose and employ persons place of unit introduction student learns professional circumstance and professional result, student cadre also can introduce what should be born to be behaved at ordinary times, the graduate that makes unit of choose and employ persons corresponding hire can have a more comprehensive knowledge.

Scale of supply and demand already exceeded 1 ∶ 2

Introduce according to Zhou Zhi of vice secretary of Party committee of Chongqing traffic academy, the amount of undergraduate course graduate that pays a courtyard this year is 2000 much people, information reachs pair of station that choose meeting site to offer 3500 many, before adding this a few double anthology can deliver the post information that courtyard graduate obtains, scale of supply and demand already exceeded 1 ∶ 2, want a student to look for exact location only, the graduate of the majority applies for a job do not have a problem. The school adopts a teacher this year " the spot is promoted " student this kind of means, it is to make unit of choose and employ persons has a more comprehensive knowledge to the student, stimulative student is successful obtain employment.

The student expresses not feel grateful

To the behavior of this kind of well-meaning of the school, many students also hold different opinion. The reporter interviewed a few students randomly, the classmate expresses: The teacher is being helped " promote " oneself, can make unit of choose and employ persons deeper to him impression, more comprehensive to the understanding of the school and applicant. But also a few students remonstrate, a graduate that ever had held the position of student union cadre tells a reporter, in double picking the to apply for a job on the meeting is exercise an opportunity very well, greater actuating pressure will be faced after the student is on a society, if this kind of bagatelle needs even to apply for a job the teacher to help, how that deals with the job in the future to challenge? So he does not value this kind of method. A schoolgirl thinks, oneself " promote " just oneself be the best kind that makes invite applications for a job square understand you, does this kind of god-given opportunity how could let a person " do sth for sb " ?
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