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As the whole nation each institution of higher learing is taken an examination of grind achievement is announced with what admit a line, many taking an examination of grind the person that lose out strides obtain employment main forces. For this, the expert reminds, lose out examinee should adjust state of mind as soon as possible, face obtain employment problem actively.

The Xiaozhao of institute of Heilongjiang science and technology attended 2008 matriculation of countrywide Master graduate student, as a result of English achievement on the low side, must face one's deceased father grind the ending that lose out. "When inquiring achievement, the mood is particularly depressed. Also do not know how to had done now, have a meal to do not have the mood repeatedly. " Xiaozhao says. Like small Zhao mood bad person has many. One's deceased father grind after sufferring a defeat, they must face a new challenge -- main forces of regain obtain employment. But many losing out,be born express, because immerse oneself in preparative take an examination ofing for a long time to grind, do not have how many preparation to obtain employment.

Obtain employment of student of northeast Normal University coachs Mr. Chen Dong clever of the center points out, one's deceased father grind lose out unripe should adjust state of mind as soon as possible, face obtain employment problem actively, give out to suggested at 3 o'clock:

It is to want to establish a goal afresh. One's deceased father grind after losing out, avoid by all means abandonment or it is to feel wronged and act rashly hold to reexamination. The integrated case that examinee wants to join self establishs the goal of below one phase afresh.

2 it is not to want to will hope be placed entirely go up in officeholder exam. To attending the examinee that each district officeholder takes an exam even, she suggests not to go up to expend time and energy too much in officeholder exam. The industry that knows to suit oneself definitely attends the interview of unit of choose and employ persons more, as soon as possible obtain employment is optimal program.

3 it is to should seize obtain employment opportunity. Mr. Chen introduces, annual spring, each college can organize graduate to attend the invite applications for a job of all sorts of types to meet again. One's deceased father grind lose out unripe should seize an opportunity, communicate experience with the fellow student that has found the job, solve obtain employment problem at an early date.

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