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The college is arisen " working lane " into promotion ego promotes obtain employ
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Draw near of obtain employment increasingly as 2008 colleges graduate, socially of all sorts of types double choose the invite applications for a job on meeting, net to be able to wait come in great numbers, before each opportunity, many graduate appear however lose one's head, did not make sufficient preparation good it seems that. These students pass university study of 4 years, of knowledge accumulate on without the problem, book learning is more solid, but appear weaker however on ability of the union of practice and knowledge, obtain employment.

A few days ago, henan saves a college " professional program salon " declare holds water, come the teacher of obtain employment guidance of many 20 college inside self-communion, counsellor and undergraduate do poineering work manager of ways of the world of scholar of the relevant personage of the website such as net of net, obtain employment China, expert, business attended plenary meeting, everybody " the profession plans " and " undergraduate obtain employment " two big fields had thorough and extensive communication, the high-level dialog platform that aims to make scholar of a government, college, expert, media, enterprise win more, what salon basically recommends is a college gradually popular leave come " working lane " means.

   Mostly the student plans without the profession

Come day after day, the reporter goes to institute of technology of profession of railroad of institute of water and electricity of irrigation works of institute of institute of light industry of Zhengzhou university, Zhengzhou, Henan finance and economics, China north, Zhengzhou to wait for many 10 college later first, make random investigation to 2008 graduate here, big much undergraduate is right coming obtain employment issue one face is spellbound, to his profession program design also is a piece of white paper, place the hope in how to attend invite applications for a job to meet, pass data of to apply for a job more, do not believe admire oneself without the unit, also do not believe oneself to do not have outstanding performance in duty field of future. The student is such, respect of theory of on-the-job employment program also lacks the teacher that connects a gleam of of guidance of obtain employment of a few institutes, department the experience of certain foundation and specific and directive undergraduate.

Committee member of committee of experts of vocational guidance of college of Ministry of Education Mr Zhao Beiping thinks, at present guidance of college graduate obtain employment works more it is a few routine works, organize invite applications for a job namely meeting, release information, graduate energy also is put in run a place where people gather for various purposes sends resume, build college whole journey to change obtain employment to coach systematic respect is done insufficiently to compose, especially the technical respect of actual combat sex is defective, the key with undergraduate actually directive obtain employment is not to help a student monopolize the general affairs of these socialization works, help fixed position of their obtain employment however, evolve into book learning into the promotion of ego ability. "Working lane " it is a kind of better attempt.
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