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Of employee of the end of the year expect: Award also rises together along with
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"We end of the year the standard of award is a month 100 yuan, the end of the year sends 1200 yuan end of the year award. This is the convention that comes a few years. Prices rises so high this year, 1200 yuan award is an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation simply end of the year. " Miss Cai that just takes red package of the end of the year is right of the company award amount is very malcontent end of the year. Recently, have media coverage, labor and Qiu Xiaoping of director of department of salary of social security ministry express, " wage rules " in be being drafted, and CPI (consumer price index) the consideration factor with will make tone salary main. "How to move firewood, CPI is the factor that should consider really. " Qiu Xiaoping says, some industries do not rise for years salary, although some areas set minimum wage, but adjust worker pay allocates, rely on finally to build worker pay to grow a mechanism normally even, " wage rules " be expected to bring into these problems legal orbit.

Since salary water is gentle CPI linkage, so award otherwise wants end of the year and Where is CPI linkage? "" wage rules " the influence that comes on stage to be sure to the enterprise meeting generation is certain, but we also must realise, only wages rose, employee ability works more dependably, the enterprise just can have greater progress, besides prices rose now, salary should have certain promotion for certain, we also are considering to be employee raises. Raises while, we should emphasize synergism more, raises and synergism need the joint efforts of both sides of labour and capital. " Shijiazhuang achieves Zhao Zikan of CEO of limited company of couplet science and technology to express.

General manager of 10 thousand limited company of lucky Er high-tech Chen Changmin thinks: "Of new legal orders come on stage, affirm the behavior of choose and employ persons of can normative enterprise, but the rise that this also can cause company cost. All sorts of insurance want to go up, and twice labor contract autograph comes down even if need signs long-term labor contract, this makes us can a few more discreet when choosing personnel, and the job that can check stuff with more efficient way. Look in me, new " labor contract law " and " wage rules " come on stage, it is a pressure to the enterprise not only, also be a pressure to employee itself, because he will face a problem with apply for a job difficult. Because he will face a problem with apply for a job difficult..

Go up in the net " bask in " salary is not new issue any more. Year of end reachs when, appeared in each network community netizen " bask in " end of the year the card of bonus, a netizen " bask in " the heat that award caused numerous netizen more 1.08 million yuan when go out end of the year is discussed, somebody is envied, somebody suspects, somebody even ground of leave no stone unturned asks is what profession can take so tall stake.

Manpower resource expert Miss Feng expressed when accepting media to interview recently, the website is doing about end of the year the statistic of award, in already having the online investigation that 2000 people accept, exceed person him report of the half move on award end of the year, employee of look forward to is in the majority beyond these people. "I do not care others to send how many years eventually award, because the company is different, position is different, this can not compare a gender. But, I feel our company this year award is sent end of the year and cannot let person be convinced, the company did not publish the index of bonus assess, look in me, this year this index is not to see outstanding achievement, see the stand or fall that concerns with boss however. " Miss He of large private enterprise says inaugural Yu Mou.
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