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Matriculation of countrywide graduate student left today 2008 one's deceased father. Come from the statistical data of Chinese Ministry of Education to show, number of countrywide Master graduate student signing up is 1.2 million, decrease than last year 82 thousand. This also is since 2001, chinese take an examination ofing grinds the number appears first negative growth.

Go a few years, "One's deceased father grind hot " diffuse Chinese university campus, enter oneself for an examination number year after year of the graduate student grows. 2005, countrywide Master graduate student enters oneself for an examination the number is broken through first 1 million, reach more than 70110 people, grew twenty thousand and twenty people compared to the same period; 2006, enter oneself for an examination the number jumps again 100 thousand people; 7 years of 00 2 breakthroughs eighty thousand one hundred and twenty people.

Begin this year, "One's deceased father grind hot " appear first drop in temperature evidence. Expert analysis, this and situation of graduate student obtain employment last low fan about. Mao Zuhuan of director of institute of higher education of college of Beijing science and technology thinks, social viewpoint of value is changed somewhat now, the enterprise servantchooses a person for a job from " record of formal schooling " to " ability " change, seek so called talented person no longer " high spending " , the graduate student does not compare an undergraduate students in process of to apply for a job " be very popular " .

Although enter oneself for an examination total number decreases somewhat, but the competition of renown school is intense degree is not abate. The reporter understands from Tsinghua university, sign up for the examinee that takes an examination of Tsinghua to be controlled than reducing 600 people last year this year, but enter oneself for an examination admit proportion and invariant.

Go a few years, quality of the recruit students way that the public teachs to active graduate student, education has a lot of dissatisfaction. Meanwhile, measure of a few reform also rises to surface stage by stage. Ministry of Education asks unit of each recruit students, want to undertake relevant reform steadily, ability of the professional quality of further check student, practice and innovation consciousness.
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