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Beijing: Orgnaization of public office interpose stops to collect fees to the in
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This day rises, beijing is communal collection of eliminate of professional introduction orgnaization files besides cost, the service to the individual is all and free. Yesterday, according to Beijing labor safeguards the information of the bureau, the near future begins " clear rectify orgnaization of interpose of whole town public office to collect fees behavior acts " had obtained initial effect. Beijing add up to many 200 city, area, street 3 level are common duty interpose orgnaization already according to " obtain employment promotes a doctrine " in the requirement that orgnaization of service of communal obtain employment must not be engaged in running sexual activity, cancelled to collect fees accordingly project.

According to bureau of Beijing labor safeguard relevant controller introduces, clear this rectifying territory is Beijing the management sex of orgnaization of communal profession introduction collects fees project, collect fees to administrative sex behavior undertakes rectifying. The administrative career gender that saves cost of human affairs archives to belong to Beijing to set collects fees, give reservation. Set clearly except national policy be like " 4050 " personnel, seek professional personnel to wait oneself give outside derate, the others according to every every months 20 yuan of collection. Unit of choose and employ persons and laborer have own alternative to file the right of professional introduction orgnaization, every is accorded with " file of personnel of Beijing flow obtain employment administers a regulation " the human affairs archives of the requirement, orgnaization of communal profession introduction does not get each area county to reject to receive with any reason. In the meantime, outside collecting fees except administrative career sex, communal profession introduces what the orgnaization faces the other item of laborer to collect fees cancel entirely, cost of charge of registration form of the entrance ticket that includes to attend invite applications for a job to meet among them, to apply for a job, inquiry. Pick oneself " Beijing youth signs up for "

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