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Beijing: Raises of state-owend enterprise manager must not exceed worker pay amp
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Henceforth the salary amplitude of worker of on guard of a gleam of of Beijing state-owend enterprise, will not get the firewood fulfil amplitude under company controller. Yesterday morning, beijing country endowment appoint signed 2008 year to manage outstanding achievement to examine responsibility book with 54 enterprises, signed with 6 enterprises 2008 to management outstanding achievement of company controller tenure of office examined responsibility book 2010. City state endowment appoint chief discloses, according to new castigatory " Beijing is state-owned reach state-owned accuse a company controller to manage outstanding achievement to examine provisional way " , state-owend enterprise manager is cashing when performance firewood proposes a toast, will raise 3 limit requirement.

According to after editing " temporary measure " , the enterprise manages outstanding achievement and worker income growth, the two big factors that are yearly salary of performance of decision company controller. To profit total the enterprise under before 3 years of average, the performance yearly salary of its controller is diploid ought to under on one year. To in those days the business that average wage did not grow this company worker, the performance yearly salary of company controller also must not grow. Issue reservation opinion to accountant office end of the year enterprise of final accounting of revenue and expenditure, the performance yearly salary of its company controller will defer to cash.
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