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Consider to unscramble: Can minimum wage standard cause unemployment?
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Began to carry out on January 1 next year " labor contract law " , caused the public to pay close attention to and discuss what ensure to worker rights and interests again. Among them, a kind of viewpoint puts forward, minimum wage standard can cause more person unemployment. Its reason is, in real life, the salary standard of a lot of laborer did not reach minimum wage level, if implement this one system forcibly, a few people will lose rice bowl because of this.

Can minimum wage standard cause more person unemployment really? After all this how the setting of standard of look upon minimum wage?

Minimum wage standard is to point to, below the premise that laborer is inside legal working hours or normal work provided inside the working hours of labor contract agreement, the lowermost work reward that unit of choose and employ persons should pay lawfully. Close period of time, as standard of minimum wage of our country various places rise generally, system of concerned minimum wage and the discussion that obtain employment state concerns become a heat. Among them somebody puts forward directly, building minimum wage system is the expression that the government interferes labour force price artificially, can cause more person unemployment.

Standard of this kind of afraid minimum wage adjusts the notion that can raise unemployment rate, be worth deliberate. In fact, below current condition, minimum wage system not only irrevocable, still ought to strengthen.

Above all, minimum wage increases not to cause unemployment rate necessarily certainly rise. Since economist offerring minimum wage system is a government a kind of interference to the labour market, if implement minimum wage system, the demand that can cause pair of able-bodied person decreases, after the theory that makes unemployment increases thereby, a lot of domestic and international scholars spread out analysis of a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood in succession. So far, still did not get the system can add the clear evidence of unemployment rate establishing minimum wage. Instead is, research makes clear, reasonable minimum wage standard won't reduce obtain employment not only, can promote an enterprise to raise management and technical level however, improve the imparity condition of income then, promote whole society collective and rich.

Accordingly, cannot isolate the relation of standard of minimum wage of ground look upon and unemployment rate. Minimum wage was to increased to total obtain employment is measured or reduce obtain employment to lead, must join particular case, ability tries to judge. The economy of minimum wage system and social effect are a complex issue, while minimum wage growth is reducing obtain employment likely, also can consume through increasing, pull move economic growth, improve labor efficiency, promote obtain employment growth thereby. Both balance, promote obtain employment very likely growing, those who keep economy is benign move. Actually, in last few years minimum wage standard adjusts our country the addition of the frequency, besides let laborer share economy to develop fruit, outside guaranteeing end of worker rights and interests better, another main reason tries to pull namely change domestic requirement, stimulative economy society good rapid development.
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