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Investigation shows: The person of more than 97% thinks bit of on the low side i
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23 days, xie Xu of minister of Chinese Ministry of finance's person is in standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress is made 31 times on the conference when concerning a draft of tax law amendment to explain, say, deduction fare level by active month of 1600 yuan of / rises to month of 2000 yuan of / , scale of pay taxes of labour firewood estate will fall by 50 % to 30 % , will reduce finance income every year to make an appointment with 30 billion yuan. So, this rises ask for bit of average to Zhengzhou citizen, will have how old influence? Whether can you adjust to arriving since low income family, add control function? In interview, suffer the person that visit to think 2000 yuan case proof the point is too low, the hope can be moved reach 3000 yuan or 4000 yuan.

Citizen current situation

Individual: The month does not enter 2000 yuan, hope " the province leaves a tax " to mom " spend the New Year " .
All: If tone reachs 2000 yuan,the place is collected since, zhengzhou estate of firewood of 50 thousand labour is benefited.

"After all, my salary is to need not pay tax. " hear of a duty to rise ask for a dot to want to increase when reaching 2000 yuan, the Xiaoliu that works in company of a magazine is very glad, she says she is original with respect to 1800 multivariate salary, eliminate chummage water and electricity expends nearly 400 yuan, phone traffic expends 300 multivariate, basic living cost 500 yuan, if again the friend has worked in the same place birthday, marry, spent quickly not quite. "Every months of capture those a few yuan of duty, although not much, but come down one year to also have hundreds of. " when she feels these hundreds of yuan of Qian Ke cross the Spring Festival with be in, give mom is become " spend the New Year cost " .

Concern chief introduction according to bureau of tax of Zhengzhou city land, if the dot is asked for to reach 2000 yuan by 1600 yuan of attune since duty, group of pay taxes of Zhengzhou labour fuel will be decreased by left and right sides of 150 thousand person control to 100 thousand person, pay taxes scale reduces 20 percent, tax of whole town land will receive imposition less every year to make an appointment with 36 million yuan.

Individual: A month is controlled into 3500 yuan, just can maintain bread
All: 3 domestic month enters Zhengzhou those who be less than 3500 yuan is very much

Mr Li and Ms. Liu are college graduate, son 5 years old. 2001, when Ms. Liu gives birth to the child, be forced to resign did full-time mom, the heavy burden of such families falls on the Mr Li body that hotel management company goes to work. His month all salary is controlled 3500 yuan.

The expenditure detailed list that lists from Ms. Liu can see, the income and expenses of her home balances nearly: The nursery school on the child every months 400 yuan, weekly supermarket shops about 150 yuan (make an appointment with 600 yuan every months) , the room is offerred 1400 multivariate, again traffic of gas, phone expends take out water and electricity etc, already place remnant very few. If the child, adult has again " slight illness " , kin friend has a knot legitimate child again, smooth favor cost is a burden. "Can compress from daily living cost and clothings respect only. " Ms. Liu says, oneself reside the home to get along now, those who wear is the await dress when attending a college. "I was become now enter kitchen, go out not to get the person of hall hall, do not wish even husband to take me to go out to see a friend. " Ms. Liu speaks of these also is one face is helpless.
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