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Sanya Ruijie and Establish the Training Institute Vocational College cooperat
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Recently, Sanya Ruijie Technology Vocational College in Beijing and signed a "training base" agreement, becoming the first 128 Ruijie incubators. Through this partnership, Sanya Ruijie Technology Vocational College will establish long-term stable cooperative relations, continues to Sanya Ruijie Vocational College of Technology Department of Computer Science and other professional students a wide range of internship opportunities for work and study to enrich the school the social experience of students to meet the employment needs of enterprises. Recently, the Ministry of Education, "National long-term education reform and development program" makes clear that the training of personnel to adhere to weight capacity, optimize the knowledge structure, provides a wealth of social practice, and strengthen the ability. Strong support in the country, many undergraduate institutions, vocational colleges and secondary vocational schools has been the development of personnel training as a strategy. Training began to employment-oriented, school-enterprise cooperation and actively explore the school, internship training model, in practice, continue to push forward the process of work and study, deepen the educational reform. Education and information technology as a close partner, explore colleges, enterprises and training Ruijie innovative, practical talents of the new model, built to adapt to the needs of enterprise development, human resources delivery channels. School-enterprise cooperation to achieve the sharing of resources between enterprises and schools, in employment recruiting, product development, the results transfer, technical training, establishment of a comprehensive and extensive cooperation, help students ability to comprehensively improve the employment needs and fully integrated enterprise . In recent years, with the national 1322 Ruijie institutions to establish a wide range of school-enterprise cooperation, together with the design of the school curriculum, while in some institutions to establish CPPI training system, and actively participate in undergraduate institutions, vocational and medium functional materials R & D projects, the depth of talent in our culture, continuing to explore colleges, enterprises and cultivate innovative talents of the model.
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