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Clever new financial planning career
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Every summer, college graduates enter the job market, the vast majority of these young professionals are at home the past month to the cost of living, the basic ideas and not financial need, lack of necessary financial management experience and ideas. Staff If the market can establish a new financial management awareness, improve financial management skills, reasonable investment, will accelerate the rate of wealth accumulation, an early date to financial freedom. Li would like to graduate with a better vision of the future life, into the Industrial and Commercial Bank financial manager's office. Financial planner Lee would like to know the current financial situation and financial goals within the next five years: Li Xiang, 24-year-old , University graduates, large enterprises. Current monthly income of about 3,000 yuan, with full insurance. Monthly rent of which 300 yuan, 600 yuan a month to eat, telephone charges, net 100 yuan per month, and other consumption expenditure of about 500 . Financial goals: 3 years post-graduate professional development costs 2 million and four to five years of marriage, hoping to buy a small apartment housing. After analysis of the Li to the balance of payments, according to Lee to the fiscal objectives, financial planner gives the following Financial advice: First, the clever use of bank cards to control expenditures, establish rational consumption habits Start early, long-term planning, the reason most young people are aware, but not necessarily do it. Reasonable arrangements for the use of funds is the first step in investment and financial management. Li would like to be in the business bank two cards, to help Lee Want to build a good consumer, financial management habits. A well-informed E card and a credit card era. E wage income into well-informed investment banking card era. Consumption use of credit cards. Planned total spending per month, signing a Copies of "Rollover" financial agreements, setting a good current account balance, account balance if more than set amount will be automatically transferred to the financial account. Li would like to set this amount only in the expenditure, suppress impulse spending . Automatic imputation excess funds to the financial account, timely investment and financial management. This will ensure financial goals. Use of credit card spending can easily check every easy monthly consumption statistics types can be more rational consumption. Use of credit card lines of credit, credit card spending up to 56 days to enjoy the interest-free period. Emergency, can have A rainy day. E times the card and the credit card informed binding, set up automatic transfer protocol for return of consumer spending, reduce the monthly repayment of trouble to ensure timely repayment. Consumer preferences also can usually choose not to The same types of joint credit card or subject card, such as with large shopping malls, airline groups of credit cards, jointly with the hotels food card, you can enjoy the benefits of double points and value-added services businesses. Second, the development of financial planning, investment products to select the best If you do not save, it is hard to survive; if only the savings do not invest, it is difficult to live better. In order to ensure future financial goals, investment and wealth management sooner the better. Financial planner to Lee to develop a "reasonable Financial planning book. "Considered in the planning book, career development, pay down the purchase cost. Monthly balance of 1,500 yuan, 1,500 yuan set a fixed investment plan. Career planning, capital accumulation, choose less risky Bond Gold buyers down payment funds accumulated selection risky stock funds. Expected yield bond funds is assumed to be 5%, the monthly investment of 500 yuan, after 3 years is estimated to reach 2 million. Equity funds is assumed expected rate of return 10%, the monthly investment of 500 yuan, after 5 years is estimated to reach 8 million. ICBC "Kei Chi is scheduled to vote" vote is expected to be relatively common up to a better income. Chi is scheduled to vote based on the principle that: the trend of the stock market fell, the system will automatically set according to the proportion that is set to increase the amount of investment to lower Share of the cost to obtain more funds; contrast the rise in the stock market, the system will automatically reduce the amount of investment, reducing the average cost of funds to buy, so the investment would be more effective. Fund investment is scheduled to vote is a working-class Are the best investment. Third, make full use of online banking, saving time and more favorable Lee is in laying the foundation to career stage, work pressure, and relatively busy, no time to and from the bank. ICBC's online banking is particularly strong financial management, covering all other than cash access business . Not only can buy the fund, but also can be fried paper gold, foreign exchange, real gold, ICBC's online banking to provide our clients with a broad investment banking platform for financial management and people go closer, therefore, financial planner Suggestions can be purchased online bank fund, set up the Fund is scheduled to vote, sign a "Rollover" financial agreement. Daily payment business, remittance, Taobao are available through online bank, to achieve homes, Easy to get. And online banking fees are a number of business benefits, such as funds to purchase fee discount for each purchase, the transfer fee Jiuzhe and so on. Fourth, long-term financial planning, insurance protection can not be less Li, where the company has a sound like "four risk a gold" protection, in addition, Lee would like to not buy any commercial insurance. At present, a time when young adults like Lee on, just entered development stage, due to travel often, for all Species of the risk of accidents, Lee would like to also worried. Therefore, the financial planner recommended to buy some appropriate insurance. Such as accident insurance, term life insurance, critical illness insurance. Critical illness insurance covers the common Chinese people and not the common 21 Class of major diseases, broad coverage, critical illness insurance when they were young to buy, when to avoid the unhealthy can not buy critical illness insurance distress. Li would like to start business is still in the initial stage, no funding available Many can be temporarily used to consider old age.
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