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Talent agency by the nanny turned consultant
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"A table, a stool, a sign." This is one image of the traditional job fair interpretation of the traditional intermediaries, also known as provide tables, stools and brands of third parties. However, in yesterday's Conference on International Exchange, and the brightest talent agency's image has been shrunk, whether it is the recommended mode, recruitment services, are often found on the degree of specialization of innovation, talent "nanny" positive people " consultant "turned. China International Talent Exchange moved to Shenzhen, the General Assembly since 2007, has been insisting the government-led, market-oriented direction of the operation, in accordance with international convention and exhibition industry in the prevailing practices and rules, increase the intensity of the operation of the market, a group of professional agencies acting as investment breeze business. Organizers Shenzhen Pengcheng Chen, Chairman of Human Resources Masing told reporters that the company-based job fairs for more than a month full "job fair at the scene, we have used the pool of recruiters and personnel conducted a preliminary match positions, and through 'one to one' of the SMS notification to the applicant, on-site recruitment will become 'meeting platform', this can greatly improve the success rate of recruitment. "Chen Masing said. This model innovation competition to recruit the talent market and benefit from new features of the grasp of business needs, providing a kind of traditional venues, publishing companies post information, and other job seekers to apply for a "nanny" normal recruitment model has been be replaced, more professional, and information technology "consultant" job fair mode of communication conference yesterday to show exhaustive. Aceona is a new human resources consulting firm, founded by the returned overseas students. Their recruitment is also quite novel. Li Xiaojie, told reporters the company's brand manager, a lot of point to point line job fairs are held, and the Chinese Internet company to build the first "high-end network resources recommended style integration platform", online and offline recruitment combined "The most innovative model should be the recommended position, the recruitment of the object is concentrated in the annual salary of 300,000 to 1,500,000 yuan of high-end talent, so we adopted a membership system, there are 18 million people. When companies have high end position is launched, we will be based on the 18 million members to each other's positions for a targeted, either their own or refer a friend recommended, as long as the candidates successful, the company who will recommend referral bonus. "Li Xiaojie said that this recommended model greatly improving the position of matching talent with a job, there are over one hundred companies recruit top talent through this mode.
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