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Person of knowledge telling a person " 7 view law "
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Common saying says " the world has Bai Le, have a horse that covers a thousand li a day next; A horse that covers a thousand li a day often has, and Bai Le is seldom have " . The choose and employ persons that know a person is one of a successful leader's mainest ability.

Know a person about how telling a person, zhu Geliang has famous 7 view law to consult for us:

1, asking with dispute view its annals,

2, poor with demit argue outlook its change,

3, the with scheme view of consult its are known,

4, accuse with disaster difficult Guan Jiyong,

5, drunk with wine view its sex,

6, the with benefit view that face its cheap,

7, period watch its with the thing to believe.

"Asking with dispute view its annals " , observe through interlocution its are right namely the eye of the thing, will observe its ambition. If Zhou En will be in small when, the teacher asks why classmates want to read, some saying for bring honour to one's ancestors, some for the high position and great wealth, and Zhou En will be in but stand below " be China rise abruptly and read " oath, let a teacher be astonished for it. (additionally a kind of explanation is passed namely sow discord painstakingly, will explore, exciting, revulsive, will observe its moral character is temperamental. )

"Poor with demit differentiate outlook its change " , the interlocution that carries take sb by surprise namely will observe its answer the ability of meet an emergency of unexpected problem or incident. Having a very good case is the room of chancellery hold office at court such as Ji Xiaolan awaits Qianlong emperor to come discuss official business, kick one's heels does not come, he says to colleague: "How doesn't old fogey arrive tardy? " the Qianlong emperor that this word just in time is walked along is heard, ask what is in a stern voice " old fogey " . When everybody is frightened quakily, ji Xiaolan replies by easy stages however: "Of a long life call old, call heroicly first, of ground of father day mother call child. " after Qianlong emperor listens, turn anger to be fond of.

"The with scheme view of consult its are known " , the true bogus that shows through the inquiry scheme understands its knowledge namely, wide narrow wait. Have a case, 1941, pearl Harbor of Japanese sneak attack one week later, aisenhaoweier cries to Marshall chief of staff, ask about suddenly after generalizing the fundamental condition that introduced Pacific Ocean war: "What is our tack? " , marshall is to want to inspect Aisenhaoweier how to give counsel below warlike pressure personally. At that time disorder and adverse circumstance fall, marshall is badly in need of wanting an officer that has courage and insight to make his assistant, although he already also heard pair of Aisenhaoweier from other way of ability and courage and insight praise and affirm, but he still should check one time personally, as expected Aisenhaoweier does not have disappoint his hope, offerred a series of very worthy proposals and plan namely after a few hours, very right Marshall's appetite. Aisenhaowei also rises step by step thereafter, become U.S. Army of World War II's famousest senior high-ranking military officer.
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