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The undergraduate must make 4 clear issues before autograph agreement
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"Behead 5 had closed 6 Jiang " , layer upon layer fight closely, good be about not easily to want to go to work, glad, excited! Noticed, must not forget to ask a few with the problem closely related your job, after going to work formally otherwise, regretted to have not enough time. Below the principle that holds to oneself, the manner of the query wants cordial, do not want try to save a little but lose a lot, want proper.

   Problem one, the working content that unit arrangement gives you

It is what kind of job, be in those who see post of invite applications for a job can understand commonly. But present firm work station divides finer more, plus some invite applications for a job person the class of invite applications for a job to raise oneself, can say a few little known station attractively clinking. It is the maintenance technician with general invite applications for a job obviously for instance, saying however is engineer of maintenance of invite applications for a job. Plant in this " halo " beamed below, a lot of people can spend an eye, when interview so you must say hello to what your working content is. Otherwise, the sundry of a few be baffled increases to you when arriving, can eat be unable to speak out about one's grievances.

   Problem 2, the workplace that the unit asks and duration

When interview, must ask clear workplace. Because the company has the word of a lot of branches in each district, the likelihood is in different place to be able to work. Examinee is best it is clear to can ask the time that go to work and comes off work, and overwork duration limit. Such, you can consider to whether can bear according to the condition of oneself. Will tell commonly, when interview, applicant raises similar proper question, the other side is met make solve.

   Problem 3, probation is restricted and groom opportunity

No matter you are the undergraduate of strong finish school, the metropolis when new personality of company invite applications for a job raises certain try out time limit, differ to a year from 3 months. Applicant can use more euphemistic means inquiry, be like: "Some companies have the probation that takes employee newly is restricted and groom the relevant provision of the opportunity, whether to know you to also have this regulation? " if the company has these regulations, applicant should affirm deadline of its try out and its pay. The company that can avoid not to keep promise on one hand cheats new personality, because communicate,also can avoid each other on the other hand not free and the awkwardness that cause.

   Problem 4, your pay and welfare

Any how many pairs of of pay to apply for a job person for, it is the thing that cares very much. Will tell commonly, when interview, personnel of invite applications for a job can explain actively to be recruited probation, formally to applicant period pay and welfare case. But sometimes, when also the staff member forgot, face this kind of situation, if if applicant asks pay the likelihood is not very good straight from the shoulder, at this moment, you can use the means of make oblique references, it is a topic with the pay of congener company for instance, come the pay practice that this company is opposite explore ask to take staff newly. Additional, OK also the year outstanding achievement of the company is a topic, come to explore ask company the course of action to welfare bonus.
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