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Faithfulness is field of a kind of duty lives means
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An investigation of the American surgeon that according to England some authoritative medicine magazine announces, deploy is in Asia somewhere in soldier of American naval a land battle, 90% ever had gotten atttack, most person has seen comrade-in-arms be killed in action or get hurt. Because often be in danger of dying of nervous condition and hour face, the mental health of team member of a land battle got be damaged badly. This investigation makes clear, psychological problem appeared after the soldier that has 1/6 is finishing the job. This scale and " jump over battle " period is equal.
Nevertheless, favour joins army of naval a land battle to still be regarded as a kind of honor by American arms. Somebody is willing to face brutal battle to safeguard this kind of honor even. Already was in army in enlist in army 27 years, the Master Sergeant Daniel that is 45 years old says: "To follow comrade-in-armses one case go out for a battle, I was deferred retire time. If I am prewar,retire, I do not calculate a team member of true a land battle. I do not calculate a team member of true a land battle..

Look in certain team member, join a Marine Corps, resemble the ceremony of proclaiming sb a Buddhist a bit some kind of religion, taking mix piously dedicated imply. Place of major of Mo Xi of the base of a fruit says no less than: "It people stems from what purpose to join a Marine Corps is not important that people stems from what purpose to join a Marine Corps, important is the viewpoint of value that they recognize us, our history and our tradition. Important is the viewpoint of value that they recognize us, our history and our tradition..

These show soldier of American naval a land battle has faithful feeling of height, because be loyal to oneself army, they are not fear of death even, the evaluation says pardonable someone: "' forever faithful ' for army of naval to the United States a land battle, not be an empty maxim, however a kind of lifestyle. However a kind of lifestyle..

Duty field is just as battlefield. The body is on-the-job the everybody in field, also should live faithfulness as field of a kind of duty means.

Be in current the time with a such intense competition, seek individual interest, realizing self-worth is the thing of perfectly justified. But, regretful is a lot of people did not realize individual character is liberated, self-fulfilment and faithfulness and respecting property is not contrary, supplement each other however, be short of one cannot. A lot of youths handle the work with the manner of cynical, they find new job often, feeling oneself work is to be in sell able-bodied person; They despise the spirit that respect property, sneer at faithful, regard its as the boss exploit, mockingly the method of subordinate.

Modern management learns to think generally, boss and employee are a pair of contradictory unity, from apparently it seems that, there is contrary sex between each other -- the boss hopes to reduce personnel expenditure, and employee hopes to win more pay. But, on higher level, both it is harmonious and unified -- company need faithfulness and capable employee, business ability undertakes; Employee must depend on the business platform ability of the company to win demand of corporeal pay and contented spirit. Accordingly, to the boss, of the company live and develop those who need staff to respect course of study and faithfulness; To employee, the achievement feeling on rich and generous material pay and spirit cannot leave the existence of the company.
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