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Graduate and unit attention nod amlposition
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This summer, shanghai has 120 thousand this year's graduates to enter duty field about. Walk into a society from campus, whether had undergraduates made sufficient preparation? Recently, shanghai youth research center releases problem of Shanghai undergraduate obtain employment to study a report, task group is in the discovery after visitting unit of person of 379 family expenses and partial college, the requirement of the attention dot of many duty field new personality and unit of choose and employ persons exists " amlposition " .

Insufficient 4 have professional letter into the student

"The certificate that when reading, takes an examination of desperately, arrived for what on working station devoid good? " survey data shows, student of above of half the number thinks foreign language and computer level are very important, and the student proportion that has these two kinds of letter is higher, it is respectively 75.2% with 62.8% . However, yellow Hong Ji of this report chief editor puts forward, current English, computer kind certificate already gained ground quite, resemble record of formal schooling, degree same, unit of choose and employ persons won't give a student accordingly " add cent " .

The ideal difference between graduate and unit of choose and employ persons still is behaved in other side. Task group discovers, grabbing during attend school of a lot of students when student cadre, strive for fellowship hard, think this demonstrates him ability, be helpful for henceforth obtain employment. But units of many choose and employ persons are not valued particularly to this.

Units of many choose and employ persons express, what they need is the graduate of professional be geared to the needs of the job, the preference has the talented person that experiences with industry exercitation, such can " take use " . Accordingly, the skill letter that can prove professional competence is vitaller than certificate of general bear the palm, however only the student of 37% has the letter related to major.

"Strawberry a group of things with common features " fight setback ability to lose

In survey, unit of choose and employ persons innovates to the undergraduate quality of consciousness, psychology and the evaluation on the low side that carry out ability. To this, yellow Hong Ji thinks, innovation consciousness and practice ability can rise after groom, but psychological quality should be being enhanced in short time is not an easy thing.

After many graduate enter an unit, show " the command is not gotten " , " say not to rise " , fight press ability to wait for a problem not by force. An undergraduate is in company of piece of Jiang Mou IT to go to work do not have a few days, listened to a branch to be in charge of a criticism, hide in the home 3 days not to go to work. Because this kind of youth is outside light is bright beautiful, cannot bear however setback, then by the coronal with " strawberry a group of things with common features " title.
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